Retractable Banner Stands and Pop Up Displays Drive Big Traffic

retractable banner standspop up displays

So you probably found this article while searching for trade show displays, like retractable banner stands and pop up displays to increase traffic to your trade show or exhibit booth at your next event or conference. It’s a great thing to consider, as it usually costs a decent amount of money to attend and build a solid presence at these types of events.

So What Types of Retractable Banner Stands and Pop Up Displays drive the most traffic to your booth?

To start off, there are an extreme variety of displays that you can purchase and brand. They differ in cost, size, quality and price. so let’s take a look at the different options you have and then we’ll explain which types of displays, signage, banners, back walls and hanging structures can produce a solid flow of traffic to you and your company.

  • Retractable Banner Stands – These can range anywhere from $130.00 to $500.00. They are easy to set-up, convenient to travel with ( as most come with travel cases) and you can buy additional units to expand your booth or presence as your needs grow. Retractable banner stands are also one of the easiest and budget friendly ways to enter the world of exhibiting for first time exhibitors. Plus, you can still use them as your exhibit booth grows.
  • Telescopic Banner Stands – These can range from $110.00 – $325.00. These do not retract into a convenient cartridge, so they are not as easy to set-up or travel with although building a larger area will cost you less money. You can gain a much larger coverage area at a much cheaper banner stand cost. Positives also include the ability to buy additional units to expand your booth or presence as your needs grow.
  • Spring-Back Banner Stands – These can range from $95.00 – $210.00. Again these play basically the same roll as the previous two mentioned, although again the cost of these are even less. Keep in mind that if you plan on reusing these over 10-20 times, they will probably not keep up with the wear and tear that travel, shipping and usage will cause. These are a perfect tradeshow display solution for a 1-5 time event.
  • Outdoor Banner Stands – These can range from $120.00 – $1225.00. You probably wondering, why the big range? Well there are a number of reasons. Outdoor banners stands can also be called feather flags, outdoor display, message flag, display flags, etc… Obviously these are used for the outdoors, so you’d want to spend a decent amount of money if they are going to be used as outdoor store signage for extended periods of time. Only use the budget outdoor displays as they are meant for 1-2 times of use. This is because weather wear them down over time. There is nothing worse than a display that looks cruddy!
  • Feather/Bow Flags – These can range from $95.00 – $1225.00. These are also referred as a bow flag, flying flag or wind dancer flags. These are used all the time at places like Dunkin Doughnuts, McDonald’s, Jiffy Lube, and other retail stores signage displays.
  • Budget Banner Stands – These can range from $95.00 – $1225.00. These are meant for short term use when you have a single event or a weekend event that needs to be branded but you will end up not using them again or shipping and storing the banners and displays hardware will cost you more than it’s worth. You can even get very nice looking retractable banner stands at these budget prices, where in the past you would be limited to the older spring-back style banner stand.
  • Hanging Structures – These can range from $1,830.00 – $3460.00. Yes these are much more costly but keep in mind that at a bigger tradeshow of conference, these displays are guaranteed to attract traffic and leave your brand exposed to everyone at the event as they can be seen from the entire show! They come in a variety of shapes and styles and they are proven to drive the most traffic to your tradeshow booth than almost any other type of display.
  • HopUp & Pop Up Displays – These can range from $345.00 – $1250.00. The Hop Up has a light weight, heavy duty frame that holds a fabric graphic mural. It sets up in seconds and can be packed away just as quickly. These are perfect for back wall displays where you need a lot of coverage. They also look stunning compared to simple banner stands. You’ll pay a bit more but these will last a very long time. Plus if you are traveling from show to show, they pack up nicely, are very compact displays and the graphics look great because they won’t crease, wrinkle or tear.
  • Pop Up Displays  – These can range from $835.00 – $3825.00. Again, like the Hop Up Displays, these are perfect for back wall displays where you need a lot of coverage. These can also be referred to now as Tension Fabric displays. More info is listed about them below.
  • Tension Fabric Displays – These can range from $1799.00 – $2999.00. These are again great for back wall displays and contain the same benefits as the Pop-up and Hop-up Displays. NEW! Formulate displays, which are the newest addition to our display line up and also . The low price point and good quality make this display a great value for the money. This display also assembles very fast and easy. This display stand is lower cost than standard pop-up displays and will get your message across just as effectively.

  • Orbital Truss Systems and Kits – These can range from $3599.00 – $10,000+. These are the massive units that are used by some of the biggest brands and companies around. Exhibit and trade show display truss system designs can be used for structure and/or decorative elements. Trusses produce striking, eye-catching results, especially when a lighting truss design is used.Trusses do tend to be heavy and bulky to ship, but usually fast and easy to set up. A trade show display truss system’s tinker-toy like assembly means even custom truss units can be reconfigured for different looks, sizes or exhibit situations.We highly suggest working with one of our experts to design and purchase an Orbital Truss system as there are many options and configurations. Of course if you already use or have used these units you’ll know how successful they are and feel free to purchase online. We can always customize your order once it is placed, by adding and removing additional components. Read more about the Orbital Truss Displays

Remember APG Tradeshow Display’s #1 goal is to save you money and help you create a stunning tradeshow booth!
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Thanks and happy exhibiting!

Please note that all prices mentioned are based on APG Exhibits pricing and product availability at the time this article was written. Cheaper and more expensive products may be released by the time you read this.

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