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New Trade Show Kits with Flooring!

APG’s New Trade Show Kits with Flooring New kits with flooring from APG Exhibits take the guesswork out of designing your trade show display. APG is proud to provide these complete kits to help you make a lasting impression at your next trade show exhibition. 8-foot kit 10-foot kit Kits with flooring make an impact […]

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A Guide to Trade Show Exhibit Flooring

As businesses plan their trade show exhibits, they often focus their attention on signage, lighting and other design elements that will attract the eye of someone walking by. However, once you have brought in a potential client or connection, you want to ensure every detail speaks to you and your company’s professionalism. That’s why you […]

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Bring Your Exhibit Area Together With Trade Show Flooring

Trade Show Flooring Provides A Wide Variety of Benefits Our focus in these blogs often involves drawing a comparison between high-quality, attractive trade show booths and those that are less-so.  We’ve been involved in the creation of so many exhibit areas and seen so many different types of booths that we have become quite astute […]