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Nearly all exhibitors looking to build a trade show booth, will at one time or another will consider trade show booth display kits. Often, exhibitors feel they need to either custom fabricate a booth to stand out from the crowd, or they go the other way and simply buy one back wall display and call it a day. Neither of these methods are wrong, however there are hundreds of booth display kits that can fit your exhibiting needs. Kits give you the look and feel of a custom exhibit, without the big price tag.

Many of these kits can feature elements such as; case-to-counters (turns your shipping case into a counter with a custom wrap with your design), trade show booth lighting, custom trade show flooring, integrated media mounts, backlit graphics and much more. We have written dozens of articles to help exhibits choose a trade show booth display kit that fits their budget and goals.

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New Trade Show Kits with Flooring!

APG’s New Trade Show Kits with Flooring New kits with flooring from APG Exhibits take the guesswork out of designing your trade show display. APG is proud to provide these complete kits to help...

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Creating a Custom Modular Trade Show Booth

sWhat is a Modular Trade Show Booth? So you’ve booked 4 trade shows this year and each one has a different booth size. A modular trade show booth provides you with a custom-looking exhibit...


Types of Orbital Truss Tradeshow Displays

Bold and contemporary, Orbital Truss exhibits are a collection of reconfigurable backwalls, island exhibits and counters that feature a fixed number of parts and connectors. Truss systems give that custom look to any display...