Types of Orbital Truss Tradeshow Displays

Orbital Truss exhibits

Bold and contemporary, Orbital Truss exhibits are a collection of reconfigurable backwalls, island exhibits and counters that feature a fixed number of parts and connectors. Truss systems give that custom look to any display space. They are sturdy, easily assembled with no tools necessary! 20ft x 20ft and 10ft x 20ft inline kits transition into smaller exhibits, counters and more. There are hundreds of choices for truss systems!

Different Orbital Truss Exhibits size options:  

Truss System accessories, counters and parts:

Orbital Truss Exhibits

Orbital Truss exhibits

Modular Orbital Truss Exhibits Capabilities!

With the purchase of any of the Orbital Truss Exhibits,  you have an immediate advantage over other competitors, Orbital Truss Exhibits have the capacity to be reconfigured in different ways (See image above: 10×20 Polaris Truss). Elements from one truss display can be used to add to the other, you can use two smaller displays to combine them in one bigger display or break down a larger Orbital truss exhibit into smaller displays. This gives your space a fully customizable look at a fraction of the cost and gives your organization the flexibility to move to a large space or smaller space all with one unit. All the truss displays utilize parts and connectors for easy assembly and require only the tool included.

There are hundreds of choices for truss systems!


Orbital Truss exhibits


Orbital Truss Exhibits Accessories!

Besides the frame and fabric graphics, Orbital Truss Exhibits are equipped with many options. Complete a basic truss display system by adding more truss parts and accessories such as lights, table tops, shelves, counters, tablet holders and much more. Orbital Truss Exhibits table and counters are also available!

There are a multitude of Orbital Truss Exhibits accessories and parts.



Orbital Truss exhibits

Sturdy and Reliable!

These Orbital Truss Exhibits booths are made of aluminum which provides a great bearing capacity while staying lightweight. Some parts are made of heavy-duty steel with powder coat to add extra durability where it is needed, sturdy metal parts will bear weight easily, and the base will hold the whole display firmly on the ground. After your  trade show event or show is over you can take your display  system apart easily and without tools. Orbital Truss exhibits all come equipped with molded hard shipping and storage cases so you can keep the truss parts and accessories in one location and not have to worry that something will get lost or damaged.

There are hundreds of choices for Orbital Truss Exhibits & Displays!


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