Product Of The Month: Waveline Media Trade Show Exhibit Kits

New Trade Show Exhibit Kits Set The Standard For Affordable Versatility

Waveline Media Trade Show Exhibit KitsWe here at APG are very excited to feature a new line of complete trade show displays that boast a greater degree of flexible functionality than has ever been seen before.  The Waveline Media series of trade show exhibit kits are tension fabric-based, pre-configured turnkey solutions that provide exhibitors with the ability to purchase just one kit and adapt it to a wide variety of booth sizes, shapes, and locations.  20-foot kits can convert to 10-foot kits, back into 20-foot kits, and even larger with purchase of additional Waveline Media panels.

The main components of our new favorite trade show exhibit line start with an internal skeleton made of snap-together aluminum tubing that is very lightweight, yet incredibly sturdy.  Over this skeleton is pulled a vibrantly printed dye-sublimated knit polyester fabric graphic, which then zips up, enveloping the whole of the hardware; this type of graphic is colloquially referred to as a “pillowcase” graphic. Depending on the configuration, the kits have anywhere from 1 to 4 different backwall pieces, which vary in both shape and size.  The backwall panels can connect to one another via special clamps for a more cohesive look, and there is a dearth of available add-ons to increase functionality even more, such as monitor mounts (3 different kinds), counters, literature holders, suspended “hover” graphics, and more.

All of the Waveline Media trade show exhibit kits can collapse down to a fraction of their fully set-up size (thanks to the simple tubular nature of the hardware), and each kit comes with cases that are specifically suited to fit the entire contents of the kit within, making after show transportation a breeze and keeping potential shipping costs low.  We invite you to browse all of our Waveline Media kits at and also to check out the below video, showing the Waveline’s functionality and versatility in action.  As always, if we can assist in any way please reach out to one of our knowledgable project coordinators via phone, email, or live chat!


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