5 Secrets to Making Feather Flags and Trade Show Banners

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There is an art to creating feather flags and trade show banners. While these trade show displays can be rather small in comparison to the large trade show booths your company may be using, the display opportunities feather flags and trade show banners provide should not be considered without care. These trade show displays come in various shapes and sizes, which you can see on APG Exhibits’ website. APG has more than 10 different sections on the website to categorize all the types of feather flags and trade show banners available. APG has so many choices because each item is designed to meet specific needs. That leads us to our first secret to making feather flags and trade show displays: finding the right feather flag.

Feather Flags, Swooper Flags, Tear Drop Flags1. The Right Feather Flags

This is the first secret to making feather flags and trade show banners. You need to know which flag or banner will best help you achieve your goal. If you are looking for a trade show display to help push your marketing message, you might want to consider a trade show banner that is large enough to print your message to be easily read by passers by. You can find some on the APG website under retractable banner stands. If you only want a display that will attract attention, you may want to look at APG’s large feather flags that will blow in the wind to attract attention with movement and vibrant colors. One of my favorite large feather flags are the Expand Flags, which are easy to find by searching “Expand Flag” in the APG search bar.

2. Art Design for Trade Show Banners

Designing artwork for a feather flag or trade show banner should be be taken lightly. While, creating artwork using several jpg files seems easy on the computer, translating those images into printable pictures for a large banner is not. Designing artwork to fit a large trade show banner or feather flag required high resolution artwork, preferably in vector format. You can typically create Vector format files by creating them, originally in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Putting a jpg into either of these programs does not make it a vector file. If you are inexperienced with art design, APG Exhibits highly suggests using a professional designer, like one at APG.  We can design artwork to help you achieve your trade show marketing goals.

3. Timing

This is invaluable when it comes to creating trade show banners or feather flags, or any trade show display! Always order your display at least a month ahead of time. There are so many things that can go wrong that will delay your project up to a month! This is particularly important if you do not are art design experience. Sometimes it takes a long time for clients to find high resolution artwork that they want to see on their feather flags or trade show banners.

4. Placement

Finally, when your trade show banners are complete, you need to figure out just where you want to use them. Feather flags will typically be set outside or on the outskirts of a display to attract attention. Trade show banners are often used in the same way but are also used within the main trade show display as well. Make sure you set up your trade show display early so you can play with the different placement options available to you for your feather flags and trade show banners.

5. Reuse

The last thing to consider is reuse. Do you want to use these same trade show displays again? If so, make sure your art design can be used multiple times. That means your logo and marketing message must be consistent and can be used again in the future. If you only want the hardware and new graphics, many of APG’s feather flags and trade show banners can have the graphics replaced so you do not need to pay for new hardware. You can search for our graphics only options see see the cost of replacement graphics on the APG website.


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    The feather flag is a great way to advertise and increase your business!
    It is a unique way to attract attention to your business. Feather flag banners can create striking effects for indoor and outdoor displays, e.g. trade shows, shop and factory fronts, special outdoor events, exhibition booths, indoor and outdoor events, sporting events, beach advertising or anywhere you want to promote your business.

    Easy to erect, position and remove. Rotates with the wind and provides attention-grabbing motion which allows the Feather Banner to withstand high winds. Easy to replace and install new banners to fit your frames.mes.

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