Trade Show Display Ideas to Make Your Exhibit Sparkle!



Trade Show Exhibit Tips:

So, you’re going to a trade show exhibit and you’ve picked out the perfect banner stand, armed yourself with literature racks and promotional items, and are ready to take your trade show display to the next level. Let me help you with some trade show display ideas to make your exhibit the talk of the trade show.

People love interaction and games. What better way to inform and engage customers than to get them involved in a game? Even simple prize wheels would be a welcome break from the millions of other identical trade show displays. Some exhibits go all out and feature a cash machine or cash cube which will not only attract a crowd but also keeps the crowd in place as they anxiously wait and hope they are next.

Along the same lines as hosting a game at your exhibit, raffles are popular trade show attractions. Raffles will drive traffic to your table and you can also gain customer contact information. The raffle prize item should be something related to your business or an item you want to promote. For instance, if you are a restaurant, the raffle prize could be a catered dinner or gift card for a dinner for 4.

Giveaways are probably the most popular trade show display items and promotion. Before you start laying out company branded pens on your table, think about what your company represents, the customer’s needs, and the relevancy of the giveaway item. There is no point in spending money on a free gift to customers that has nothing to do with your company or something that they will just end up throwing away. Let me tell you a true story, I once went to a trade show and a job placement company was assertively handing out eyelid wipes. Not only is the item totally irrelevant to what the company does, I really have no need for an eye lid wipe. It was also in generic medical packaging so I never remembered the company name or what they do.

Bring sustenance, a long day at a trade show exhibit can be tiring and induce pangs of hunger. Nourish potential clients with drinks and snacks. You don’t have to roll out the BBQ grill or do anything too complicated or expensive. Providing water and things such as candy, a popcorn machine, chocolate, cookies, or fruit are crowd pleasers and relatively easy to transport as well as cheap.

Use audio/visual displays to help get your company’s message across, as a backup to what you are presenting to attendees, or in demonstrations. It’s not realistic to show or explain everything your company does at a trade show booth so having a video or slideshow can help show and explain anything you aren’t physically able to do there. Another type of visual aid would be to bring models or entertainers to your booth. Having a DJ or live performer is sure to make the tradeshow a more calming and casual, laid-back environment. Beautiful and friendly models (of both genders) are sure to be crowd pleasers as well.

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