3 New Trade Show Display Trends for 2013

trade show display2013 is shaping up to be a great year for a new trade show display with a slew of new products designed to maximize your marketing dollar while making your brand look better than ever.  Agency Promo Group is committed to bringing our customers the best, new trade show exhibit options, so let’s take a look at some trends and exciting products now available on apgexhibits.com!

Trend #1: Fabric, Fabric, Fabric

Until the recent past, the trade show display world has been dominated largely by vinyl and rigid substrates like PVC and sintra.  However, a quick glance at any “modern” trade show booth will make it clear that fabric structures are the future of the industry.  Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays – like our Formulate WH1 – are crafted using lightweight yet sturdy aluminum tubing to create an easy-to-assemble structure with a zippered knit polyester “pillowcase” graphic (so named because they slip over the entire structure like a pillowcase).  The graphic encompasses the entire structure. This means almost no hardware is ever seen, creating a clean and dynamic look.  It allows printing to be seen over the entirety of the trade show exhibit, meaning you get more branding area for less money.  Even large fabric structures can be broken down into a relatively compact size, which makes for easier and less-expensive shipping.

Trend #2: Multimedia Displays

One of the best ways to attract visitors to your trade show display is to incorporate modern technology like flat screen monitors and touch-screen tablets.  To address the growing need for advanced tech products for trade show exhibits, APG introduced an entire line of Multimedia Displays to fit a wide variety of devices for almost any purpose.  We have the technology to create a stand-up informational kiosk, a trade show display with interactive motion sensitive fabric, or a display counter with an iPad.  These types of displays are certain to take your trade show booth area to the next level.

Trend #3: Unique Shapes and Designs

Another trend with the newer Tension Fabric Tradeshow Displays is the ability to create unique shapes and designs not possible with previous hardware styles.  The aluminum tubing can be extruded in a  number of sizes and shapes, and the knit polyester fabric graphics can stretch/conform to nearly any shape.  This flexibility in design allows for all new possibilities, like meeting rooms, sleek eye-catching curves, and even dramatic arches.  All of these design types lend an air of professionalism that used to be achievable only through extremely expensive custom work, but are now available to any savvy trade show exhibit shopper.

With all of these product types (and more) you can easily boost traffic at your next trade show and give your company or brand a big leg-up on the competition in 2013!

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