Trade Show Booth Accessories Boost Your Brand Image


One of the easiest ways you can update your company’s exhibit display is by adding new trade show booth accessories. Many of these items are easy to install and inexpensive. Updating your trade show display is vital to any company planning on attending several trade show events a year. It is even more important if you plan to attend annual events over the next few years. Many of the same attendees will visit these events and they will expect companies to update their trade show booth. Updating to an entirely new booth can be costly, however, adding a few accessories can give your trade show display a brand new look at a fraction of the cost.  APG Exhibits has many trade show booth accessories that can enhance any trade show display.

Let’s go through some of the categories APG has for trade show booth accessories:

One of APG’s more unique accessories can be found in Hanging Displays. These trade show booth accessories give you brand a boost is visibility. While some companies may spend tens of thousands of dollars of a big, tall trade show booth, you can create the same brand exposure with a simple hanging display. Loyal customers will be able to see your brand name from a distance away, so will competitors and other potential clients.


Giant Mosquito Retractable Banner Stand


Another place to find great trade show booth accessories is in APG’s Retractable Banner Stand section. Tall retractable banner stands, like the Giant Mosquito pictured on the left, can be seen over competitor’s displays. These trade show booth accessories give you additional room for branding, marketing messages, and sales copy. Not only are they hard to miss, but they are great tools to communicate your brand message. APG’s retractable banner stands are extremely affordable, starting at just $129! They come in a wide range of sizes from tall and thin to short and wide. Retractable banner stands take mere minutes to set up, break down and store. They are one of APG’s best selling trade show booth accessories.


One more place to find great trade show booth accessories is under iPad and Display Kiosks. APG’s iPad displays are some of the newest, best selling trade show booth accessories on the market. Trade show attendees love these new, interactive displays. iPads can be used to provide additional product and brand information or to collect customer data to win trade show giveaways. Large, attractive monitors are also great attention grabbers and can be used to show products in-use.


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