Pop Up Displays, There’s One For Every Exhibit

Whether you’re designing a new exhibit or adding to an existing one you’ll want to be sure to explore pop up displays.  These trade show booths offer many advantages to users including fast and simple set up, easy transport, and dynamic graphics.


Another advantage to choosing a pop up display is that they come in so many different shapes and sizes that there’s sure to be one that will add some flair (and value!) to pretty much exhibit design.  In this post we’ll take a look at just some of the different styles of pop up banners available so you can get a feel for how much these unique displays can add to your exhibit.


Pop Up Displays – The Basics

While you can find pop up displays in many different shapes and sizes like we said, they look fantastic in more basic shapes such as straight or curved too.  You might also consider choosing a straight pop up banner and then adding one of these other styles to it for a very dramatic effect.


Serpentine and “Gullwing”

If you’d like a bit more curve to your booth than these basic forms can provide, consider a Serpentine or a Gullwing shaped display.  Like a snake, the serpentine style of pop up display is shaped in the form of the letter “S” while the Gullwing is made up of two curved banners put together to resemble a pair of wings.



While tower shaped pop up displays could stand on their own, they make very effective additions to some of the larger styles of pop banners mentioned here.  One of the big advantages of using a tower shaped banner is that it will stand above most other displays calling attention to your space from many different vantage points throughout the venue.



If you need something smaller, pop up displays also come in sizes suited for placement on top of a table.  Banners this size can be used in a variety of ways as a part of a larger display or, can even stand alone depending on the event.


Pop Up Tents

Pop up tents are a great option for a variety of different types of indoor and outdoor events including concerts, fairs, and trade shows.  These tents go up faster than most yet are compact too so they’re easy to ship and store.  There are options for several different shapes as well as side walls and back walls that can be added to the tent design depending on your needs.


This isn’t it though.  You can find pop up displays in other shapes, sizes, and styles too.  Incorporate one into your booth today and see what a great effect they can have on the success of your next event.

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