Trade Show Banners – What’s Right For Your Exhibit Design?

As you begin to develop your exhibit design, deciding what type of trade show banners to use is an important piece of the process.  Maybe you’re looking to redesign or add to your current trade show display.  New banners might be just what you need to spruce things up.  In fact, the right trade show banners can be an affordable way to really make a difference in the success of any display.  But, how do you know what the right type of banner is?

With the technology available today, almost anything is possible.  Yet, at the same time, there are a few basic questions to consider in order to design trade show banners that will meet the needs of your company and your display.


Will You Need An Indoor Or Outdoor Display?


If you plan to be a part of any outdoor shows, you’ll need to include trade show banners made specifically for use outside.  Products like sidewalk signs and feather flags can be a nice addition to an outdoor trade show display.  Or, billboards and other types of larger banners can be printed on special materials, such as outdoor scrim, so that they’re safe to use outside in the elements.

The majority of banners made for indoor use will not perform properly if they’re used outside, but, items made for outdoor trade show displays can generally be used in either type of location.  So, even if you’ll only occasionally be attending outdoor events, its best to invest in at least some banners designed for outside exhibits.


Is Ease Of Use A High Priority?


For many, it’s the ease with which they can set up and take down their trade show display that is the highest priority on their design checklist.  If this is true in your case then there are some trade show banners that are recommended over others.  Signage that can be used with retractable banner stands is an excellent option in applications where ease of use is a top concern.  Trade show banners that are compatible with spring back and telescopic stands should also be considered.

These types of banners aren’t only easy to get out and put away though, they’re also easy to carry.  This means transporting your tradeshow display will not only be less work, it will often cost less as a result.


What’s The Overall Budget For Your Trade Show Display?


During the design process it’s important to ask yourself what your ultimate trade show display would look like.  It helps you get creative and explore all of the possibilities.  But in the end, budget constraints are what they are.

That doesn’t mean your booth has to be blah or boring though just because you have some financial limitations.  There are a wide variety of affordable trade show banners that can help build your brand while still leaving room in the budget for all the other items needed to complete your exhibit design.  When in doubt, seek out sales, coupons, and companies that offer guaranteed lowest pricing to help you get the best trade show banners for your money.


Once you ask yourself these basic questions, you’ll be much more knowledgeable about what it is you really need for your exhibit.  This will then allow you to select the right trade show banners that will successfully meet all the requirements of your unique display.



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