5 Reasons Pole Banners Make Excellent Outdoor Signs

As you know from walking around your own community, there are a variety of different types of signs and banners that businesses and event organizers use to draw attention to their store or venue.  One style of signage that has been around for many years is the pole banner.


Pole banners, also sometimes referred to as street banners, are those nice, eye catching signs that hang off the side of light posts and poles.  They offer quite a few benefits and, for many occasions, make an excellent outdoor banner.  Let’s take a look at just 5 of the reasons you should consider using pole banners to advertise your business or event.


Pole Banners Make Use Of Existing Structures

While these signs do require some hardware, they make use of existing structures as opposed to needing a banner stand in order to be hung.  This helps make them more affordable to buy as well as easier to transport and, as a result, lower charges should you need to ship them too.


They’re Easy to Use

For some, the fact that pole banners don’t have a separate banner stand may make them seem difficult to hang; but they’re not.  The hardware kit included in the package is easy to use and these banners can be put up in just a few minutes with no major tools required.


And Easy to See

Because of where they’re mounted, pole banners are very visible signs.  They’re above the crowds but not so high that their message becomes difficult to read.  When combined with vivid colors and graphics these outdoor banners can have a major impact!


Pole Banners Offer A Classic Look

Pole banners have been used for many years and as such, they offer a really classic look not easily achieved with other types of signs.  Not that they’re old fashioned; quite the opposite actually.  These outdoor banners can be used with great effect to advertise very modern business in a classic way that’s pleasing to the eye and gives your space or store front a trendy look.


They’re Durable Too

Given their placement, pole banners must be durable; and they are!  The hardware is designed to withstand 38mph winds and the banners are printed on 18oz. outdoor scrim vinyl.  This way, no matter where you place them, you can be sure your pole banner will hold up to pretty much whatever mother nature can throw at it.


This isn’t it though.  You’re sure to find many more ways these outdoor banners can benefit your company or event when you begin using them.  Start designing your pole banners today and see just how great they look and how much they’ll boost your business!

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