How A Truss Exhibit Can Build The Ideal Display For Your Company

A Truss Exhibit, or Orbital Truss Kit as they’re also called, are one of the more customizable options when it comes to trade show displays.  While all exhibits are unique, especially once you add your custom banners and design touches, truss systems allow users to basically create a full trade show booth from scratch.  As a result, truss exhibits are often able to help build the ideal trade show booth to meet the needs of your one of a kind business.


They Can Be Built In Almost Any Size

Depending on your needs, there is a truss exhibit the right size to fill them.  Currently there are truss systems available in 10 x 10, 10 x 20, and 20 x 20 packages, but, the sky really is the limit with this style of trade show booth and a custom design can be created in nearly any size you’d like.


Truss Exhibits Are Expandable For A Great Fit In Any Venue

Because of the way a truss exhibit is put together, you can add or omit pieces depending on the venue or booth space you get at each event.  This adds a level of versatility that can make quite a difference when you’re in a pinch and might even save you money depending on the shows you attend.


Orbital Truss Kits Offer Simple Assembly With An Elaborate Look

While orbital truss kits look modern and “high tech”, no extra tools are required for their assembly.  You don’t need a handy man on staff for these displays.  Instead, the instructions are easy to read and everything comes together quite simply.  As with most trade show booths you’ll want a second hand to get set up, but no special skills are required for these displays; even though it may look like they are.


A Truss Exhibit Can Accommodate Many Add Ons

Whether you want a literature rack, a kiosk, or even an LCD TV incorporated into your exhibit design, a truss system can be created to handle them. This potential to make space for nearly any add on can be used to make your display really stand out among all the others.


They Provide Space For A Variety Of Custom Banners

A truss exhibit offers a variety of options when it comes to the placement and use of signage in your display.  In fact, the majority of designs have several spaces open for custom banners for a dynamic effect.  This doesn’t make them more complicated though.  The signs are generally hung on truss systems by using Velcro or magnets for quick set up and take down.


While highly customizable, as we said, truss exhibits are available in packages too.  This option offers all the benefits of a truss system without totally designing a display from start to finish.


Want the added bonus of input from designers with experience designing orbital truss kits for major companies and brands?  APG Exhibits offers all this and more.  Visit the site today for guaranteed lowest pricing on orbital truss kits and all our other products too!





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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I think this would be perfect for our booth at the convention we’ll be at in a few months. It’ll definitely be something that people will notice, which is what we want! I’ll try talking to my boss and see what he thinks.

  2. James Bay says:

    My company goes to trade shows a lot. I like the option of a lot of add-ons. We are constantly taking away, and adding to our set-up. I will have to look more into this. Thank you so much for your help.

  3. Thanks for posting this article! I agree with you that a truss exhibit is one of the more customizable options when it comes to trade show displays. So, the only thing I need to do if find a good truss contractor. Do you know of any?

  4. Dallas millwork company says:

    Thanks for sharing Truss Exhibit through your blog. It will help us while designing a custom trade show booth display.

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