Choose A Truss Display And You’ll Always Be Prepared For Any Event

When you’re at the beginning stages of designing your trade show booth, one of the big things to consider is how many events you may be planning to attend with your truss display.  If you have the goal of being able to attend a variety of different shows, you should consider choosing a truss display to help you be more prepared for any type of venue or show you may end up wanting to be a part of.

 Why Use a Truss Display

Because you never know what the size of your allotted booth space will be when you move from venue to venue and show to show, the fact that truss displays are expandable can come in very handy!


You can design the full trade show booth you’d like to have initially.  Then, as you schedule for shows, you can adjust the truss display to make it larger or smaller as needed in order to fit your exhibit into the space that ends up being the most affordable; not just the one that fits your booth.  This allows you to maximize your investment in a way that really no other style of trade show display can match.


Not only are you granted more leeway with the size of the booth spaces you’re able choose, having an expandable display like this also increases the likelihood that you’ll get the best possible spot.  For example, if the last spot by the main entrance is for a specific sized display you can customize your truss display to suit the open space.  The company that has an exhibit in a different style however will likely have to forgo the prime spot if their booth is too large, or even too small.


Some might worry that a truss display, while highly functional as far as it’s expandability, would be too difficult to manage and assemble.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  While truss displays have a very “high tech” look, the display will come right together no engineers or experienced carpenters required!


Also, if you’d like to add a plasma screen or other type of media to your trade show exhibit for any reason, a truss display can accommodate these heavy add ons easily.  Even if you decide you’d like to add some multimedia effects to your display later down the road, you’ll be prepared if you choose a truss display.


Having this ability to be so flexible allows a truss display to extend the life of your exhibit, and thereby your investment too.  They won’t look their age though.  The high quality graphics used for truss displays helps ensure your signage last as long as the rest of the exhibit does!


If you’d like to consider designing a truss display, or any other type of trade show booth, contact APG Exhibits today.  We offer experienced designers, highly rated customer service, and best of all, guaranteed lowest pricing!  This way you can be sure you’re getting the best quality displays for the best prices possible every time.




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  1. Tara Jones says:

    Thanks for bringing up that truss displays are expandable! I’d seen them at shows before but I didn’t know that they had that special feature. I agree; it would be unwise to limit yourself by having only one size for your display. I’m planning on starting my wedding flower business soon, and I’ll need to go to a lot of bridal expos, so I’ll definitely get a display like this so I can take full advantage of every expo that I visit!

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