The Evolution Of Pop Up Displays: Meet The Collage Pop Up Display System!

For years, buyers of trade show booths have made good use of long-standard pop up displays in a variety of different applications.  While there have been some subtle differences between various pop up display offerings – different display graphic materials, slightly varied hardware mechanisms, etc. – the genre as a whole has remained relatively unchanged in the recent past.  With the Collage System, it’s a whole new ballgame.


The innovations built into the Collage Pop Up Displays begin with the hardware, which is crafted of a lightweight-yet-exceptionally-strong aluminum.  Set-up takes only minutes, and the frame is secured both by strong magnets and also metal clamps, ensuring that the sturdiness of the unit never needs to be worried about.


 Pop Up Displays



However, the graphic display mechanism is where the Collage Pop Up Displays really stand out.  Traditional pop up displays typically secure the graphics either via magnet or velcro, which is applied both to the frame’s perimeter and then also the graphic itself.  The Collage takes a completely different approach by placing graphic attachment “pegs” at all the corners of each 2.5’ x 2.5’ quad (which is the unit of measurement for the system).  Grommets are sewn into each corner of the graphic display panels, and the graphics are then “hooked” onto the pegs.



Taking things another step farther, these pegs are on both the front and back of the unit, which allows for a near-infinite number of graphic orientation possibilities.  The graphic panels can be placed on the front of the unit or on the back (facing forward) which allows shelves to be incorporated and utilized for product display, literature handouts, giveaways, and more.  Additionally, the graphic display panels can also be attached to both front and back pegs at the same time, creating a stunning 3D effect that instantly attracts the eye.  The modular nature of the graphic panels means that it is incredibly easy to swap out content and images, and also results in a lower cost to replace graphics when necessary.

Every Collage Pop Up Display kit comes with a padded roller bag for easy transport, and the configuration of panels can be customized to suit almost any need or design aesthetic.  The hardware boasts a limited lifetime warranty on all manufacturing defects, and the graphic panels use a dye-sublimated power stretch fabric, which is lightweight and durable.

If you have been looking for something new and innovative to add to your trade show booths area, look no further than the new Collage Pop Up Displays.  Hardware configurations are available from 1×1 all the way up to 4×3 frames.  Get in touch with the friendly, knowledgeable Customer Service team at APG Exhibits today to learn more!!

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