APG’s Newest Trade Show Banners and Displays

New Trade Show Banners and Displays

APG is constantly looking to update its products with the newest and best trade show displays for customers. Here are some of our newest trade show displays. Click on any of the images for more information about these products.

BKPK-FLAG-G-2TBackpack Flags and Banners

These displays make your banners and flags work beyond your visible trade show booth. You can have your trade show booth staff equipped with mobile trade show banners and flags to move around your event and direct traffic to your booth. Unlike standard displays, you can increase your impressions by having your display and a brand representative move around an event and network.


Premium Feather Flags

APG’s newest feather flags bring an updated look to these traditional trade show Banners. The unique shape give them a modern look with the same branding space as before. Many of these new displays are ideal for outdoor use. They have been tested against wind speeds of up to 30 mph! These Premium Feather Flags take the outdoor advertising flag genre to a whole new level with inspired, dynamic shapes that are sure to make your brand stand out from the rest.



BS-BG-CASCADE-2T    Event Furniture

APG’s newest trade show banners and displays are the event furniture pieces. These chairs and ottomans are unique displays that will make your trade show booth even more attractive to attendees. Often times it can be difficult to find a place to sit at any event or trade show. This trade show furniture gives you an opportunity to display your brand while attracting tired attendees to your booth.


TNT-INF-3MX3M-K-G-3TInflatable Tents

These inflatable tents are large, eye catching displays, perfect for outdoor events and trade shows. They provide the same protection from the elements as out original pop up tents but provide a unique display. With an air pump, these displays are easy to set up and take down since the pump can not only inflate the display, but it can deflate it too. The material these tents are made out of were also meant to last. So don’t worry about getting a hole in these inflatables. These displays will last a long time.


ORBK-OUTD-04-2T    Pop Up Tent with Flag

These tents seriously stand out from the crowd. If you’ve ever been to a crowded outdoor fair where tents are set up right next to each other, you can understand the value of this 10’x 10′ tent with the flag topper. Event attendees will be able to see over your neighbors’ tents to see your brand above all others.



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