Leaving Your Mark With Trade Show Giveaways

Trade Show Giveaways Can Open The Door To New Business

Trade Show GiveawaysWhen any of us at APG Exhibits take a walk around a typical trade show floor, we often find that something as simple as trade show giveaway selection can have a big impact on whether or not we feel “pulled” to visit a given company’s booth.  While it’s true that the most important parts of a trade show exhibit set up are still the overall layout and design of the area, trade show giveaways are sometimes able to tip the scales for anyone walking by that may be on the fence about taking a closer look.  The benefits of using a unique and useful trade show giveaway are multiple:

1. They Drive Traffic and Start Conversations

If someone is walking by your booth and happens to see something immediately useful being given away (like pocket hand sanitizer or a tote), they are they much more likely to step foot within your exhibit area, which instantly opens the door for you to engage that attendee and inform them about your products/services.

2. They Leave an Overall Impression on the Trade Show Floor

Quality trade show giveaways have a viral-like effect.  Once a few people start walking around the floor with your unique giveaway in sight, other attendees are likely to ask where they might also get one.  This pushes more people to your booth, which puts more people on the floor with your company’s logo and, before long, the entire trade show is peppered with your brand!

3. They Promote Your Brand Long After the Show Is Over

If your trade show giveaways are truly unique and/or useful, there is a high chance that attendees who received them will make use of those giveaways after the show.  Every time trade show giveaways are used or seen they create what are called “positive brand impressions.”  These also have a viral-like quality and lead to your brand staying at top-of-mind, which makes it more likely that your potential customers will turn into actual customers.

As you can see, proper selection of dynamic trade show giveaways ensures that your marketing efforts will extend way past a few hours on a trade show floor.  Take a look at APG Exhibits’ selection of tried-and-true handouts here, and you’ll be that much closer to an incredibly successful trade show effort!

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