Printed Table Covers Have Evolved

Brand your tables at your next trade show exhibit with the latest technology in trade show table covers


Stretch Fabric Printed Table Covers

Stretch Trade Show Table Covers

As fabric printing technologies have evolved, the technology of printed table covers has evolved right along with it. You are looking at the pinnacle of table throw evolution on the right. There is no table cover solution more polished and professional  than a form fitted table throw with your branding on it.

This type of trade show table cover can have your design on all surfaces, which is exceptionally nice if your branding has a particular pattern or solid color that is especially recognizable. Use your brand colors to ‘flood’ of background before adding your main logo to ensure your table is easily recognized. As you can see in the picture above, the taught surface ensures your logo, trademarks, or promotional pitch remains legible under many conditions that make readability difficult or impossible with traditional printed trade show table covers.


 Traditional Printed Table Covers

Printed trade show Table CoversTo the left is an example of a traditional full-color printed table cover. As you can see, it definitely gets the job done for covering your trade show booth table. However, there is no guarantee it will stay orderly and legible, especially through the hours and days of an exhibition. If you expect to have high traffic around your table, this table cover might be stepped on or pulled making the logo uneven and harder to read. These are the issues the new table covers resolve. But the traditional table throws are at lower price point, making them a great option for exhibitors on a budget.

Even if your trade show budget puts you in the category of using what you would think of as the ‘old news’ there is still good news. Before the stretch fabric designs came to be, the printing technology had evolved. Don’t let these high-tech printed table covers fool you by looking like a table cloth. The printing methods used today are very tough and meant to last a long time. Just make sure you design your branding so it won’t be hidden in the natural folding of the fabric and you will still make a solid impression.

Your branding is what’s important. Make sure you get your brand recognition out one way or another. You can learn more about your options by browsing the products on this page.

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