Step And Repeat Banners Add Major Branding Power To Media Events


Step and Repeat Banners

I’m sure you’ve seen the publicity pictures with your favorite movie or sports star in front of a backdrop with the team logo or charity name printed repeatedly over the canvas. In the graphics design industry this is called  a “Step and Repeat Banner”.


Mainly designed for media events, step and repeat banners get their name from the term “Adobe PhotoShop” uses for this specific process of repeating an image every so many steps for a patterned effect like you see in the image to the left.


One of the reasons this type of event banner has become so popular as a background for photo ops, news conferences, and other types of events like this is the fact that the logo or image is somewhat small.  This makes it pretty unobtrusive so the logo doesn’t dominate the picture yet, because it’s repeated so often, the graphic still has a great and very memorable effect on viewers.  Be sure your banner is printed on non glare material though or the resulting photographs may end up being of poor quality or even unusable.


Also, while step and repeat banners can be used with just one logo or design, they accommodate several different images nicely as well.  This makes them ideal for situations where more than one logo is planned for the backdrop.


Step and repeat banners can be used with great effect at a variety of different types of events including,


  • Concerts
  • Red Carpet Events
  • Press Conferences
  • Trade Shows
  • Charity Fundraisers
  • Sporting Events
  • Launch Parties
  • Other Special Announcements


They can be used for other things besides photo ops at events like these too.  For example, these banners can make an excellent background for a presentation or video your developing or, as a way to enhance a class you’re offering or a trade show booth you’re designing.


When you’re selecting your banners and backgrounds be sure to visit APG Exhibits.  We print all our step and repeat banners on 7ox oxford cotton non glare material with the highest quality graphics available.  We offer Free Design Services for these signs too.


That’s not all though.  We also offer guaranteed lowest pricing on these and all our other products!  So, whatever type of printing or graphic design item you need, you can be sure APG Exhibits will have it, it will be completed in the highest quality, and you’ll get it for the best price around.


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