Printed Table Covers – The Perfect Addition To Any Trade Show Display

Many trade show displays incorporate tables of some sort into their design, which need table covers.  Often, this is out of necessity.  It’s not that staff needs a table to sit behind.  There just has to be somewhere to place things be it giveaways, demo products, literature, or whatever.


A display table isn’t just a great place to stash stuff though.  By using printed table covers you can transform any table into highly effective advertising space too!


The front and often even the sides of the table are useful, yet often overlooked areas of most trade show displays when it comes to advertising space.  But, with the right table covers you can use these spaces to prominently share important information with visitors.

Must-Have Info For Your Table Covers


  • Business or Product Name
  • Contact Information
  • Logo
  • Website Address
  • Mission Statement


Depending on your business you might choose some other type of information for your printed display cover as well.  Whatever you choose though, be sure it’s representative of your brand.  Using a cover like this is a great way to share your message.  Take advantage of it in the best way possible.


To make the most of any table throw, you should also carefully consider the colors you choose.  It should both coordinate with your overall trade show display as well as the actual design you plan to print onto the cover.  Color choices like these can be a bit to think about but, once you get it right, the table cover can really bring the entire exhibit together in a highly effective way.


There are a variety of other options available too, not just colors and content. Printed table covers are available in the form of traditional cloths you would drape over the table, as well as form fitting versions for a unique look.  You can choose to have one, three, or all four sides printed depending on the requirements of your trade show display.  Not to mention other choices like materials, sizes, and more in order to create a table throw that can accommodate nearly any display table and exhibit imaginable.


Best of all, table throws are affordable; both to buy and to transport.  And, they’re very easy to set up/take down which is not only convenient, but can also save you money when it comes to staff time required to manage the display itself.


If you’re looking for a way to make your exhibit design come together, or a way to make your current trade show display pop, printed table covers may just end up being the perfect solution!  Explore all the options further at APG Exhibits.  Our experienced staff can answer all your questions and we offer guaranteed lowest pricing, so you know you’re getting the best event products for your money no matter what you buy on our site!







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