What Outdoor Displays Options Are There?

A primer on what options are available in outdoor displays

With new products introduced all the time, I wanted to showcase some of the most popular items available for outdoor displays. Some of these I’ve only recently been introduced to myself, hopefully it will help others learn about the newer items as well as refresh your memory on oldies but goodies.

Street and Pole Banners:


Pole banners are impossible-to-miss outdoor displays! I was driving today and saw a series of 4-5 as I was passing a college, and I found it absolutely impossible to not look at each one as I passed. I find them more ‘must see’ sometimes than a large banner across a street. It was like I was hypnotized into reading each one as I passed.

I know that if I had any pole where a banner would fit, I wouldn’t leave it empty. That’s for sure. Our local street uses these type of street banner year round and changes them to match the seasonal event. It makes our part of town special. Make your outdoor display special by sprucing it up with a pole banner today.

Outdoor Banners:



Another type of commonly used outdoor displays are outdoor banners.

Just one example is the sidewalk banner. As long as your walkway is big enough for the traffic going past, this type of display is literally impossible to miss; foot traffic will be forced to see the sign lest they walk right into it.

There are many types of outdoor banners, including, but not limited to:

  • Sidewalk Sign: They have their own base and are completely vertical. They are spring-loaded to work with wind; both to draw attention and be more resistant to tipping over.
  • A-Frame Display Stand: the classic folding ‘sandwich board’ style of outdoor displays. Folds flat for transport and storage. The ‘old school’ version of the Sidewalk Sign above.
  • Blizzard Outdoor Banners: Shown on right: these are tall and elegant. A small footprint with a large surface area. If you can fit your design into a relatively tall, thin shape, these are great!
  • Wind Dancer: If you have a bigger space to draw attention to or more content than a small sign and a little more budget, these are much bigger than the typical attention grabber for much bigger attention.
  • Rocket Outdoor Spring-Based Sign: It is very similar to the ‘Sidewalk Sign’ above, but built more cost effectively. Same type of display, not quite as robust but saves some money if you are on a tight budget.
  • Many more. Go to our online store to see all the options we have in Outdoor Banners.


Pop Up Tents:

It is nearly a requirement to use Pop UP Tents in an environment that uses outdoor displays like a outdoor fair or market.

They may seem ‘common faire’ but there are a few to choose from at a wide range of budget. Make your next event uncommon by choosing one of our trade show events amazing pop up tents. We have from the fairly basic to the extraordinary! Whatever your budget.

Even more basic tents have the option for branding so you have a one-stop-shop to get your Pop Up Tents without needing to deal with getting the tent and the branding separately.

On a personal tangent, our family has used pop up tents for over a decade as a cook-tent when we go camping, so I have personal hands on experience with these wonderful contraptions. I can tell you there is no going back to the old school method of tents once you’ve graduated to the wonderful speed and strength with these brilliant designs! The modern materials and mechanical design really puts to shame what was available only a decade ago. Anybody that shows a product outside is doing themselves disservice if they don’t have a pop-up tent.

So there are a good handful of useful outdoor displays that are currently available. The list is not all there is, come visit APG Exhibits to see just what is available.



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    Thanks for such a nice and Informative blog. For outdoor displays, we can also use Sandwich Boards as well as H-frames. Using Retractable Banner Stands can make setup quicker and easier.

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