A Sneak Peek At New Trade Show Displays for 2014

Upping the Ante in 2014 With Innovative and Improved Trade Show Displays

New 2014 Trade Show Displays

As we come to the end of our year, it’s tempting (and customary) to look back over the course of the year and reflect on all the ups-and-downs.  We at APG, however, would like to keep our gaze firmly forward to everything that 2014 is going to hold for us.  While we did have a record 2013 (over 5 times the revenue of 2012!), it is only because we continually pushed to make sure the website gave our valued clients the best online display purchasing experience possible.  In this same vein, we are proud to announce that over the duration of the first quarter of 2014, APG will be introducing more than 100 new trade show displays and display accessories!  Here are the genres that we will be focusing on:

1. Tension Fabric Displays

These have undoubtedly been the most popular form of trade show displays for all of 2013, and that popularity is continually growing.  APG is looking to stay ahead of the curve by introducing dramatic new shapes and uniques uses for this impressive market segment.

2. Multimedia Displays

Multimedia-based trade show displays also saw a huge jump in popularity this year as exhibitors have sought to inject a bit of “tech” into their booth setups.  We want to keep this hot trend going by introducing even more ways to utilize the various multimedia devices available, including displays supporting the new iPad Air as well as interactive touch-sensitive fabric graphics.

3. Upgrades To Existing Display Styles

There will always be a demand for some of our stand-by trade show displays, like HopUp Displays and retractable banner stands.  Our focus, then, will be on providing our customers as many options as possible for upgrading the look and functionality of these stalwart displays.  We’ll be adding the ability to incorporate flat screen monitors and integrated counters, plus streamlining the hardware itself to cut down on size and improve life-span.

We’re excited for everyone to see what we have coming down the line, so stay tuned to our blog here as well as apgexhibits.com for more information as it becomes available, and thanks for helping make 2013 such a great year!

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