National Restaurant Association (NRA) Trade Show Begins May 5th 2012

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) will hold its annual trade show from May 5th – May 8th 2012 in Chicago, Illinois.


This event is a gathering of restaurant operators and suppliers from around the world who come together once a year to share amazing food and products, and to forge lasting business ties.  There’s no other event like this in the industry and everyone who is anyone in the restaurant field will be there along with their trade show displays filled with great information, demonstrations, and samples (yep, samples!).


With all the fantastic things to see…and eat, this trade show is an excellent event for “foodies” as well.  In fact, one of this year’s keynote speakers is former president of the United States Bill Clinton!  He’ll be speaking at the NRA Show 2012 on May 6th and will address attendees about many things including The William J. Clinton Foundation’s efforts to combat childhood obesity.  You don’t have to be in the restaurant business to enjoy a keynote speaker like this.


As you can imagine with a speaker like the former president, coupled with the vast number of people who are either in the restaurant industry or who simply like food, this is a very well attended NRA event.  As such, having a trade show display here would be very advantageous for many different types of businesses.


The exhibitors at the event cover every aspect of the food service industry; which is not just about food.  There are companies that specialize in uniforms, lodging, technology, furniture, and more.  Plus, co-located at the show is the International Wine, Spirits, and Beer trade show or IWSB.  For the last 5 years this mini event has been a large and well attended part of the NRA show as well.


If you’re in the industry and aren’t part of the show for 2012, start getting ready now for next year!  Attend the show if you can this year as a guest, then, return home and get started designing your trade show display for the National Restaurant Association 2013 show.  You’re sure to enjoy a multitude of benefits from being part of a national show like this, as well as just a plain old good time!

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