Product Feature: Blimp Tower Trade Show Displays

A Brand New Take On Traditional “Hanging” Trade Show Displays

Blimp Tower Trade Show DisplaysRecently, we here at APG Exhibits added a complete line of dynamic yet affordable hanging trade show displays called “Blimps.” These tension fabric-based displays have significantly lowered the standard pricing threshold for hanging displays and are quickly becoming one of our most popular display genres.  Along with these additions, we have also begun offering a unique version of the Blimps that incorporates a branded, tension-fabric-based support tower upon which the Blimp itself sits, as opposed to the standard hanging-style of installation.

Each of these eye-catching trade show displays starts with our tapered tube Blimp shape. To that we add either a three- or four-sided tension fabric tower that reaches an impressive 12-feet into the air! Both the tower and the Blimp itself have an internal skeleton composed of snap-together aluminum tubing that is strong yet incredibly lightweight. Onto these skeletons are placed dye-sublimated fabric graphics that stretch over and zip-up to completely envelop the framework (these graphics are typically referred to as “pillowcase graphics”). Additionally, all of our Blimp Towers come standard with a rotating 2RPM motor that serves to capture attention even more.

We have seen these trade show displays used at all types of shows and for all types of companies. Their main benefit is in their ability to grab attention from far away. When walking into a trade show of any kind, visitors can often be overwhelmed at first by the sheer amount of companies vying for their attention. Many times the linear, horizontal nature of the tidy intersecting rows can create a ocular “numbing” effect where all of the displays just start to come across as visual noise. We have noticed in these instances that the general reaction is to turn attention elsewhere, which very often tends to be UP! Exhibitors who have made wise use of their booth’s vertical space thus find themselves at an advantage to those that only extend up to the standard 8′-10′. These Blimp Tower trade show displays not only provide that ability to attract the eye from a distance, but they also make for an outstanding centerpiece in larger booth areas.

As always, our team loves to help you make the best decisions with your marketing dollars, so if you have any questions about our Blimp Towers or are looking for other ways to maximize the vertical space at your next trade show, please contact one of our helpful project coordinators via phone, email, or live chat!

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