Use A Retractable Banner For Indoor OR Outdoor Events


Using a retractable banner is a really easy, effective way to advertise a wide variety of businesses and events.

This type of signage offers quite a few benefits including fast set up/take down time, ease of transportation, lower shipping costs, and much more.  You’ll find a few retractable banners on the market today offer another benefit too; an option to be used inside AND outside.


The majority of retractable banner stands aren’t recommended for outdoor events because they can’t handle strong winds.  An indoor only retractable banner isn’t generally printed on weather resistant materials either.  Now though there are options that permit this unique type of sign to be used both inside and out!


With the help of removable support feet, a more flexible support pole, along with special materials that resist damage from the elements, it’s possible now to basically use a retractable banner pretty much anywhere you want!  Even on gravel or grass, or on a windy day you can easily use one of these banners without any worry.


With this level of versatility and functionality a sign like this has the potential to almost immediately increase the ROI on your advertising investment.  In some situations having an indoor only banner is fine.  But, if you attend events like craft or trade shows for example, that, depending on the time of year and the venue can be inside or out, having a more versatile option can end up being very advantageous.  It will not only enable you to attend more events, a retractable banner like this will also allow you the opportunity to set up your display at all the events you want and get the booth spaces you need regardless of where organizers decide to hold the festivities.


So if you’re designing a display, or simply looking for a cost effective way to add to your current exhibit, consider an indoor/outdoor retractable banner.  You’re sure to find that the flexibility this type of sign offers can benefit your business in many ways.





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    it’s possible now to basically use a retractable banner pretty much anywhere you want! Even on gravel or grass,

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