Announcement- New Media Expo West Moves 2013 Trade Show To Las Vegas

Late last week it was announced that BlogWorld and New Media Expo would move their very popular West Coast trade show back to Las Vegas, Nevada.  They’re planning to hold the festivities at the Rio Convention Center January 6-8, 2013.  This venue will provide an even bigger space than they had this past year in Los Angeles; which is necessary given the fact that attendance as well as interest in hosting trade show displays at the event continues to rise each year.  But, this isn’t the reason for the move.


What is their reasoning then?  While the folks at BlogWorld thought LA was great for the trade show they report:

“You called for us to move back to Vegas, and we listened! Last year, we moved our West Coast event to Los Angeles, and while sunny California served us well, our community – you guys and gals – made the decision to move back an easy one.”


It’s pretty easy to understand what people were thinking.  Vegas is Vegas and while LA is hip and exciting, there’s just always something for everyone at every hour of the day and night in Las Vegas!


Also, as you might have noticed, they’ve switched the dates.  The BlogWorld and New Media Expo East is still in New York City, NY in June (the 5-7th for 2012) but the west coast trade show dates will be moved to January instead of the fall as has previously been the custom.


There are actually a few different advantages for the switch.  One is that because the two shows are now six months apart it makes it possible for more people to attend or have a trade show display at both events.


Another advantage to the switch in dates and venues is that the last day of BlogWorld West coincides with the first day of the the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the International Academy of Web Television Awards (IAWTV).  Many BlogWorld and New Media Expo attendees enjoy one or both of these other events.  The organizers at BlogWorld and New Media Expo know this and tried to piggy back these two other shows to make it more affordable to attend all of them for those that want to.


We think it’s pretty cool that BlogWorld listened to their customers and moved the show back to Las Vegas, and we hope that the changes in dates do work better for everyone – because these guys host some fantastic trade shows that are not to be missed!

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