Record Size Trade Show Booth Just Registered For 2012 Show

We’ve all seen a large trade show booth.  This one we just heard about takes the cake though and we had to share!


The Largest Trade Show Booth

For the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) 2012 Expo to be held in Orlando, Florida this November, a company called Extreme Engineering just registered a 50 x 60 trade show booth space, along with a 10 x 300 exhibit outside.  This will give these folks several thousand square feet when you combine their two trade show booths!


They do plan to offer quite a bit with an exhibit this size.  Visitors will be able to enjoy hands on demonstrations of some of the company’s new products including a 300 ft. long zip line, “inflatable balloon battles”, climbing walls, and more within their trade show space.


While this really is quite a large trade show booth for just one company, the IAAPA trade show itself offers attendees over 9 miles of exhibit space!  Of course, a lot of this is because of the type of vendors and products that are offered at this show.  Like the company mentioned above, many of those that purchase booth space at the trade show have large products and therefore large exhibits.  As a result, a large venue is essential; and the IAAPA has delivered by securing their biggest venue space yet for the 2012 trade show!


This particular show sees not only large displays though, but also a very high number of attendees as well as exhibitors since it’s the largest trade show in the world for the attractions industry.  This is another reason for the large venue requirement.  Plus, as you can see by this record size trade show booth and how this company is using with their exhibit space, there are a lot of experiential displays at the IAAPA show.  This encourages more visitors but, it also takes up much more space than a show hosting exhibits where there isn’t this type of opportunity for such a high level of participation from attendees.


Ready to try and get your company a stand out booth like this?  As you can see from this example you really can do anything when it comes to exhibit design.  Large, medium, small, it’s all possible with the right products (and budget!).  So, if you’re planning on attending a trade show of any kind, let APG Exhibits help you design the right booth for your company so you can set records with your trade show display too; even if they are just in the sales department.






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