Effectively Place Staff At Trade Show Booths For Maximum Impact

Knowing where to place staff at trade show booths is very important if you want to get the best results and make the most impact possible.  In this post we’ll give you some tips so you can learn how to plan for the most effective placement of your staff within your unique display.  This way, you can be sure to station everyone in a way that will be effective and will maximize the ROI of your trade show booths.


Don’t Sit, Stand at Trade Show Booths


While you might have a nice display table as part of your trade show booths, don’t let staff just sit behind it.  To show that they’re interested and excited to be at the show and talking to visitors, have them stand.  Plus, it gets your exhibit noticed to have people moving around engaging in the display, even if it is staff.


Get Into The Isle

Now that everyone is standing up, don’t stay behind the table, get into the isle.  Get in front of the display and into the flow of traffic.  Don’t have your staff get into attendee’s way but, at the same time, be sure they’re in the thick of it so they can meet as many visitors as possible.


Place Staff At Every Angle Possible When Holding Demos

Get your products noticed and give your staff opportunities to engage show attendees with demos.  There are so many benefits to having an interesting demonstration at your trade show booth, but, you can only capitalize on them if you’re sure to place your staff strategically around the demo so that they can be there immediately to talk with everyone that stops by once the presentation is over.


Always Have Staff Between Visitors And The Giveaways

We offer giveaways at trade show booths not just to be nice, but, in part, to help bring visitors to the booth that we can hopefully turn into clients.  If the giveaways are just out on a pop up display table where guests can take them without interacting with staff this automatically limits the effect of the giveaway .  Instead, be sure to place a staff member between visitors and the giveaways for a much better result.


While each trade show booth is different, these ideas can be applied to nearly all of them.  Be sure to take a look at your staffing situation and how you can utilize these individuals for maximum impact before each event and you’re sure to increase the effectiveness of your display.




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