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Custom Video Backdrops

With the COVID-19 quarantine in full effect, more and more people are finding themselves working from home. This has lead to a boom in online video conferencing. Which is why companies such as Zoom, Skype, and Join.Me are getting overwhelmed with new users. APG Exhibits has been seeing a huge demand for custom video backdrops since more people are working from home.

Why Order a Custom Backdrop

More companies are ordering these custom video backdrops for their employees so that they can offer a cohesive branded message to their clients. Build a more cohesive messaging effort with all employees proudly displaying your branding in the background of their telework conferences. Many small companies or solo freelancers are opting for custom video backdrops in order to hide unsightly views.

Custom Video Backdrops

It is becoming more important than ever to be able to brand your company. As things are getting tougher for small businesses, everyone is looking for ways to remain relevant. It’s no secret that the economy has taken a sudden and drastic downturn. With tighter budgets, businesses need to find value wherever they can.

Add Style & Class to Your Home Office

Purchase a custom video backdrop to place behind you for your Zoom calls. This way, potential clients or partners will see exactly what you want them to see. Whether it is simply a patterned or solid color backdrop, or your logo, you choose what people will see. And APG Exhibits has a huge variety of products that you can use as custom video backdrops. These backdrops make great and lightweight displays for the background of your online Skype calls, Microsoft Team meetings, or other online video conferencing software.

Other Uses for Video Backgrounds

Of course these aren’t just helpful for business purposes. You can print anything on these Skype backdrop banners! Print a fun background design to hide the clutter when having online happy hours or video chats with friends. Or print two separate banners: one for work and one for after work. You can also print a matte green color and use the video backdrop as a green screen to make the background anything you want.

Displays such as the HopUp Lite can also be repurposed into normal trade show displays for use after the coronavirus pandemic is finally over. This way, you can use them at home for now as custom video backdrops. And then put them to work on a trade show floor after the COVID-19 outbreak curve has been flattened.

Spruce Up Your Online Meeting Background

Adding custom video backdrops to your GoToMeeting conferences can help set you apart from the competition. With COVID-19 still taking a devastating toll on the world, every possible advantage needs to be utilized. Small touches like an online telework meeting background banner can tell clients that your business is serious. It also shows that you are moving your whole organization online to slow the spread of coronavirus. With this professional appearance, your customers, clients, or potential investors will know that you are prepared and ready to get to work.

Without a BannerWith a Custom Banner

Custom video backdrops not only show your branding, but they cover up the background of your online meetings.

Shop Custom Video Backdrops with APG

At APG Exhibits, you know you are always getting the best price on all video conferencing backdrop displays. From simple hanging banners, to full-sized Waveline displays, our prices can’t be beat. Can’t find what you’re looking for? We’re constantly adding new products to our inventory such as these custom video backdrops. Or contact us for more information or if you can’t find the online video chat background you need. Start shopping now.

APG Exhibits’ Response to Coronavirus

We are taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. That is why we have put together a selection of items that will be useful for a wide variety of our customers. Please visit the APG COVID-19 Resources page for more information and products that can help you and your business survive and thrive during these unprecedented times. We have items such as these custom video backdrops as well as emergency medical tents and outdoor signage. We even custom branded protective face masks. Visit APG today for more details.

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