The Benefits of Integrating Media into your Trade Show Display

Using Digital Platforms to Boost Your Brand

It is becoming increasingly important to integrate digital media into your trade show booth. Today’s consumers are moving online faster and faster. It is important that you have the ability to interact with them in the digital sphere. There are a number of reasons why integrating media into your display can be beneficial. Below are some tips for incorporating media into your display. These tips can pay dividends on your investment. Try some of these ideas to increase your ROI and improve customer interaction.

Integrating media into your existing booth

As more and more young professionals enter the workforce, digital media will become increasingly popular. Stay ahead of the curve by integrating media into your existing booth. There are several options for including digital media into an existing trade show booth. You can purchase a tablet stand in order to add your tablet as an official piece of your trade show setup. However, even having tablets on your counter for customers to use can be a huge boost to your booth. Here are some tips/benefits on including a tablet:

  • Seamlessly collect data on potential clients
  • Attract potential buyers with games
  • Boost performance of your booth by freeing up your representatives’ time
  • Product spotlighting/showcasing your website
  • Digital slideshows/tutorials


The lead generating power of tablets can’t be overstated. In modern times there is nothing better for jotting down quick bits of information than a tablet. This can be email addresses, phone numbers, or even notes on potential clients. Therefore it makes perfect sense to incorporate a tablet into your next show!

Another great way to grab attention at a trade show is by setting up a game or giveaway sign up. You can easily create simple games/quizzes that will draw crowds into your booth.

There is only so much time in a day and you want your employees maximizing their time at an expo. If you have a product that needs to be demonstrated, you can have people sign up for newsletters, etc. on the tablet. Or, if you’d rather have that interaction on a personal level, have the tablets set up to run promotional materials or product demonstrations. Another great opportunity when integrating media is to showcase your website or digital portfolio.

If you have a product or service that requires a bit of explaining, using a tablet can be an effective means for delivering that information. This again can save time for your employees so they can focus on customer retention or troubleshooting.

Built-in media displays

Another fantastic opportunity for integrating media is by starting with a fresh display that includes a media mount. This may be even more engaging for your booth than a tablet. The benefits of using a media mount directly as part of your display are twofold. Firstly is the sizing and visibility of the media. A large screen TV with your branded video is much more visible on a crowded trade show floor. You can gain attention easily and you are more likely to attract potential customers. The second advantage is the evolving way in which people consume information. More and more people gather information and understanding of new products from a digital screen than ever before.

The trade off with using a built-in display is that your digital media is less interactive. A consumer holding and using a tablet is likely to be more engaged than a person watching a TV. This isn’t always the case, and there are certainly workarounds for this. One great option is to create a quiz that displays on your screen that people can answer on their phones. In this way you can obtain leads just as easily as if using a tablet.

Touch screen interactive displays

One of the newest advances in trade show technology is touch screen displays. These interactive exhibits are one of the hottest new ways to get your potential clients interested. They will be more likely to get involved with your booth. Another great feature of a touch screen display is that it creates a very memorable Touchscreen digital media kiosksexperience for your patrons. These displays have great staying power in a person’s memory. Therefore they are much more likely to remember the experience of visiting your trade show booth. They will also likely have a positive image of your display. Create lasting impressions by integrating media such as touch screen displays into your booth!

APG has a growing selection of digital kiosks. These displays are likely to become ever more popular in the future. You can be ahead of the curve by adding a kiosk with touchscreen functionality. Early adopters are innovators in every industry.

Bolster creativity

Integrating media is a great way to boost sales and interest in your products and services. One of the best reasons to use digital platforms is the limitless creativity it affords. As technology evolves, easier, faster, and more efficient ways to reach objectives emerge. There is nearly no ceiling on the creative ways in which you can engage with potential clients. Using these tools to your best advantage can take many different forms.  That is great news for outpacing your competitors!

You don’t have to be completely original to gain the benefits of technology in your booth. There are many proven methods for increasing awareness in the digital sphere.

Going online

Interacting with clients in a digital space has become one of the dominant ways to reach out to your clients. More people spend more time online, and so it makes sense that businesses also move to the digital landscape. In a recent survey, over 80% of people say that they conduct research online before making a purpose. However, only half of small businesses in 2016 had websites. This means that you have a large market to expand into in the digital market. Do so before your competitors to gain a significant edge. By adapting to new technologies, you set yourself ahead of your competitors. There is a chance that you will be Charging Station - Integrating mediathe only result when a customer is researching online.

When your trade show display incorporates multimedia elements you begin to jump far ahead of yourcompetitors. Not only that, but it has become incredibly important to establish an online presence in order to foster credibility. You will be seen as legitimate if you have an online presence. Social media has become too prevalent in our culture to avoid incorporating it into your trade show.



The bottom line

One of the less obvious benefits of integrating media into your display is cost. From setup to distribution of materials to labor costs, digital media can save you big!

Setting up a display with a monitor can seem daunting, but there aren’t many added steps to complete. Or you can simply add a tablet or two to your countertop space. This will not add any time to your setup. These digital materials can save you big on transportation and shipping costs. Setting up one tablet is much easier than organizing dozens or hundreds of papers. You can also demonstrate a product digitally and leave the actual product behind! This is especially helpful for large products. The larger your product, the more you can save on shipping costs.

Likewise, it is cheaper and easier to give out a web address than a printed one-sheet. Another factor to consider is staffing levels. With an multimedia booth, you may need fewer employees manning the booth. This can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of your trade show year.

Have experiences you’d like to share?

Have you used any integrated media in your setup? We’d love to hear how it went. Please leave a comment below and let us know how it went! Ready to start shopping? APG Exhibits has a large selection of media products to enhance your trade show experience. Visit to find out more.

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