Tips To Get Your Trade Show Display A Great Location At Every Event

One of the many things to consider when you’re signing up for events is what type of location you can get for your trade show display at the venue.  Generally, the sooner you sign up for a show the better spot you’ll get.  But, what makes a good location?  One word.  Traffic.

It’s simple really.  The more attendees that pass by your booth, the more opportunities you’ll have to interact with them and turn them from show attendees into clients.   But, without a good flow of traffic during the show, it’s a much greater challenge to attract visitor’s attention.

Whether or not you’ve been to a venue before,  it can be hard to know for certain just what the best location on the floor actually is.  So, here are some tips to help guide you when considering the location for your trade show displays within the options available at any show you attend.

First, Try For The Front Doors

This is a no brainier really.  If you can get it, having your trade show display by the front doors has so many different advantages.  From getting people when they’re fresh and new to the event to the opportunity to make the very first impression of the show and more, the booths right near the primary entry into the show is, in the majority of cases, the best location on the floor.

Being On The End Of An Isle Offers Advantages Too

If you have a particularly large trade show display or a lot of product you like to put out, definitely try for the end of an isle.  When you choose this location for your booth you have the opportunity for your exhibit to overflow a bit on the one side as opposed to having a neighbor on either side of your display table.

Also, whether you have a small or large exhibit, when you’re on the end of an isle you have a corner and thereby increased visibility.  More people will naturally walk by trade show booths on the isle simply because of the way the traffic flows around the room.

When Looking At The Overall Venue, Head For The Center

While the ends of isles are good, its the center of the overall room you’re in that will get more traffic when compared with the side walls.  Most visitors will get to the middle  but, especially if the room is large, they may make it only to one or two of the four sides of the hall.  Trade show displays with locations on the sides, in most situations, will automatically limit the number of visitors that will walk by your booth and that’s not at all what you for your exhibit.

Don’t Forget To Consider The Spots By The Restrooms

If you’re up for it, being by the restrooms can be a big advantage over other spots in the hall.  Everyone has to go, and, if there’s a line, you can get lucky and people will actually just stand in front of your trade show display.  But, the bathroom idea isn’t always a sure thing.  If there are two or more restroom locations at the event, or the restroom is in a really obscure location, it may not actually be where you want to be after all.

Now, all that’s left is to is sit down with the map usually provided by the facility and determine where your trade show display will get the most traffic and draw in the greatest number of visitors possible.  Then, reserve your spot and begin getting your trade show display ready!



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