Using Outdoor Event Furniture in Your Trade Show Display


How Outdoor Event Furniture Can Work For You

If you already have your pop up tent and display table, the only thing left for your outdoor display is seating. While event furniture isn’t required, it is a great thing to consider when creating an attractive display for attendees. Put yourself in their shoes. A trade show attendee has been on his or her feet all day talking to people at trade show booths and developing great business networks. This work can be exhausting! When that attendee needs a break, he or she will make a B-line straight to your tent when your event furniture is in sight. Even if attendees are just stopping in to take advantage of your outdoor event furniture, let them sit for a while. This will give your tent staff the opportunity to strike up a casual conversation that can develop into a new business lead.


While giving you lead-creating opportunities, outdoor event furniture also gives you additional branding space to display your logo or message. APG Exhibits has added a new line of branded event furniture that is perfect for any outdoor display.

Deck Chairs and Director’s Chairs.

You can create a great lounge with a beach feel using one of our Deck Chairs. These are as easy as fold and go. They are light-weight, under 10 lbs, and collapsible, like our Director’s Chair. Both are made with natural beech wood and are stable, perfect for bars, patios, events, trade shows, or the beach.


This event furniture is great for more than just outdoor displays. These can be used at indoor trade shows or even for recreational use. The Deck Chair and Director’s Chair are great for casual use at home or on the beach. The simple fold-able design and light-weight material make our event furniture easy to store and travel. Call APG Trade show Displays and speak with one of our helpful customer service members to learn more about our event furniture or other trade show products.

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