New Trade Show Kits with Flooring!

APG’s New Trade Show Kits with Flooring

New kits with flooring from APG Exhibits take the guesswork out of designing your trade show display. APG is proud to provide these complete kits to help you make a lasting impression at your next trade show exhibition.

kits with flooringkits with flooring
8-foot kit10-foot kit

Kits with flooring make an impact

Imagine walking into a friend’s home to find they suddenly had no flooring! Obviously that is a drastic scenario, but flooring is something that makes people feel more comfortable. Now imagine walking in to that same friends home and they have beautiful gleaming hardwood floors. That is something that will stick with you. The great thing is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on hardwood floors to make your trade show booth stand out! These kits with flooring will help you make an impact at your next convention while costing you little time and money!

With these new kits with flooring included, you can conveniently order everything you need to create a fantastic booth. These displays come complete with graphics, hardware, counters, lights, and of course flooring. Therefore you’ll have everything you’ll need for an event in one easy package. They are also offered in a variety of styles including straight, horizontal curved, and vertical curved.

Why you should consider adding flooring to your booth

Trade show kits with flooring can make a big impact in a packed expo hall. Therefore there are several reasons you should consider adding flooring to your next trade show booth:

  • Instantly grab attention
  • Pull in foot traffic
  • Make your booth seem more “complete” compared to your competitors
  • Sophisticated appearance

wood flooring

Visually speaking, a trade show booth with flooring will naturally draw eyes to your display. Whether you’re showcasing a particular product or you have a multimedia display – people will SEE your booth. Getting initial attention and contact can be the biggest challenge when competing on a busy trade show floor. A booth with flooring creates the impression of a separate space cut out into a trade show. It’s almost like having a piece of your show room right in the expo hall. In this way, your booth may feel more private or separated which can foster feelings of comfort in your target audience and put them at ease.

On top of all that, why would you want to let the trade show hall dictate what your flooring will look like. Trade show veterans are all too familiar with going in to set up their booth only to find they are assigned to the area with the giant stain on the carpet. Even when it’s out of your control, something like that can have a negative subconscious impact on your potential clients. Thus you should step up your booth display with a nice looking floor and you are instantly appearing more professional to those potential clients.

kits with flooring

Shop kits with flooring now

Ready to increase your revenue and ROI from trade shows by upgrading your booth? Shop APG Exhibits now for kits with flooring included. Or, if you want to upgrade the booth you already have, shop the full selection of flooring options that can be added to any trade show booth!

Trade show kits with flooring from APG Exhibits

Ordering a kit with flooring from APG Exhibits is simple. Check out our ordering process here or contact APG Exhibits and let one of our team members help with any questions you may have! Call 866.752.2192 or Contact Us online today!

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