The Trade Show Digital Age

Walk around any trade show and you’ll see a smartphone in nearly everyone’s hand. Trade show attendees are Tweeting, checking business emails, taking photos and taking notes  on the vendor booths they’ve visited. These hand held devices are the perfect mini computers for trade shows. Many exhibitors are now using this new technology to their advantage to help direct attendees to their websites and drive sales. But how?


Trade Show Digital Displays


FMLT-TBLT-STD1-2T (1)Ipad Mounts

The hottest selling items from the APG website are the the iPad displays. Using an iPad, exhibitors can display products, services or just display their brand to attendees. Exhibitors can use customized apps to show their brand videos or even help attendees shop for items they may be interested in. There are so many apps available to smartphone and tablet users. Just take a look at the EXHIBITOR Magazine’s app quiz. The APG iPad displays allow exhibitors use this technology safely, by ensuring that these devices can’t easy be taken by rouge attendees.


VF-MK-01-SS-C-2TMonitor Mounts

Another display that has increased in popularity over the years, are those that feature monitor mounts, like the Standroid and Waveline series on the APG website. These displays give exhibitors the opportunity to make large monitors the center of the display. This is a great way to grab attention with interesting videos about the company. You can even use the monitor display for interactive presentations. Your booth staff can have access to a remote or mouse to use the monitor for slide show presentations and activating specific videos when talking to trade show attendees about certain products or services.

Consider these options when looking for new trade show displays. They add high tech options to your display that can give you brand a modern look and attract traffic to your booth. If you’re unsure, which option is best for you, give one of our customer service representatives a call to help you find the best trade show display to fit your needs. 866-752-2192

Trade Show Displays: Waveline 10' Backwall Monitor Display Kit

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