When to Use Feather Flags, Bow Flags and Outdoor Banners

While feather flags, bow flags and outdoor banners have many similar characteristics, they each draw in traffic in different ways. It is important to know the differences in each of these displays in order to chose a display that will drive traffic and communicate your message in the most effective way possible. There are three factors that contribute to the differences in these displays: Movement, Branding Space and Placement.


Category Thumbnail Outdoor Diplays Feather Flags and Movement

Feather flags are easily the best outdoor display options for movement. They catch the smallest breeze to wave effortlessly in the wind. These are a great way to grab attention from a distance. While these flags can be very large, the branding space can be deceptively small. Consider what a potential customer will be able to read from several yards away while your feather flags are waving in the wind. That customer won’t be able to read any small print. In order to use your feather flags effectively, you’ll need large fonts and concise messages to get your point across to customers. Feather flags are great for being a quick attention grabber to drive traffic into a store or to an event. When designing your artwork, make sure you are clearly stating why someone should be interested. If you’re a jewelery store, use a big image of a ring and your brand name. If you’re having a sale, you better have SALE running vertically on your display. Keep the design simple so your message won’t be missed while the flag is waving in the wind. You can find a variety of feather flags in APG’s outdoor displays.


Category Thumbnail Pole Banners LexusOutdoor Banners and Branding Space

If you have a key message that you need to communicate to your customers and need plenty of space to do it, outdoor banners are your best options. Many of the outdoor banners on the APG website are larger and wider than out feather flags or bow flags. These items were made to stand up to wind, rain and most outdoor elements. Unlike the feather flags, these items will, generally, remain in one place and won’t move with the wind. This will give potential customers the chance to see your display head one. That way they have a better opportunity to really read what you have on your display. You can put more information on these displays since there is more room for additional, readable copy.


Bow_Flag_Small_2sidedBow Flags and Placement

If you already have a significant amount of traffic in your area, bow flags are a great way to direct that traffic to your store. These flags are smaller, giving you the opportunity to place them closer to your store front. These flags won’t blow in the wind as easily as the Wind Dancer pictured above. They come in a variety of sizes, which you can find on the APG website.


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