Trade Show Booths on a Budget!

So you’re looking to create greater traffic to your trade show booths, but have a limited budget to stick to. Not a problem. We hear at APG Exhibits understand the state of the economy and the need to keep as much money in the pocket as possible, and for this reason have mastered our trade show booths in costing as little as possible, without cutting corners on quality.

We’ve tried to make it easy for you so here’s a list of common price ranges, and a few products that fit into those ranges. These are just a few different trade show booths to give you some ideas. From there you can find the right product at the right price for your company!

Trade Show Booths $1-$100:


Telescopic 1 Budget Telescopic Banner Stand

Spring 6 Budget Spring-Back Banner Stand

Spring 4 Budget Spring-Back Banner Stand

Spring 1-1 Budget Spring-Back Banner Stand

Spring 1-2 Budget Spring-Back Banner Stand


Trade Show Booths $99-$500:


Trade Show Booths $501-$1,000:

 HopUp 3×3 Tension Fabric Display (Curved)

 Formulate Tablet Stand 2 – Tension Fabric Trade Show Display

Linear 4 Table Top Display Kit

Waveline 10′ Straight Tension Fabric Backwall Display

Linear Counter


Trade Show Booths $1,001-$2,500:


Collage 3×3 Pop Up Tension Fabric Display Kit 2

OneFabric 4×3 Straight Pop Up Display Kit with Counter

Backlit Hop Up 4×3 Tension Fabric Display

Linear 10′ x 10′ Kit 01

Waveline 20′ Tension Fabric Backwall Display


Trade Show Booths $2,501-$5,000:

Formulate WSC1 – 20′ S-Curved Fabric Trade Show Display

Formulate C-Shaped Wall – Tension Fabric Display

WaveLine Touch Display with 32” monitor

Atlantic 4 Orbital Truss Backwall

Trade Show Booths $5,001 and up:

Formulate S-Shaped Wall – Tension Fabric Display

Formulate “Tree” Multimedia Tension Fabric Display

Jupiter 20′ x 20′ Orbital Truss System

Fusion 20′ x 20′ Tension Fabric Trade Show Display Kit 2

Fusion 20′ x 20′ Tension Fabric Trade Show Display Kit 3

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2 Responses

  1. Andrew Rouse says:

    What a fantastic article! Seeing all these trade show display tools at every price-point. I would have never guessed seeing a retractable banner stand in the $100 category! We have one of the 4 spring banner stands and love it. It was a lot more than $100 when we got ours!

    I’ve known the people from apg before they were apg, They treat clients like family with the golden rule, you can really trust them to give you the best value and pre-pick the best quality so you don’t have to guess; somebody else pointed that out on another comment. Low cost but high quality, could be their motto.

  2. denise johnson says:

    Oh! This would be perfect for those individuals with a tight budget. And I guess this only shows that even you are on a tight budget, you could still come up with great trade shows. Thanks anyway for sharing this information.

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