Make Your Trade Show Booth More Successful With PRE-Show Planning Tips

Making your trade show booth successful starts long before the show you’ll actually be attending.  Of course there’s the inherent issue of the display itself and whether or not you can actually create something that will stand out above the rest and draw in your prospective audience.  Let’s assume for this post you have prepared a very worthy trade show display so this isn’t an issue.

Instead,  today we’re going to give you some pre-show planning tips that will help maximize the ROI of any trade show booth and should be done before every event you attend


Schedule Some Meetings

Prior to the trade show you’ll want to schedule meetings with attendees like magazine editors, bloggers, vloggers, potential partners, distributors, and anyone else you can think of that is attending and would be beneficial to have face time with.  It doesn’t have to be anything major.  Even just 5-10 minutes can solidify a relationship that not only has the potential to bring attention to your trade show display at the event, but long after the show is over too.


Secure A Presentation Time Slot

In addition to these meetings, if possible, schedule to be a presenter at the show.  The earlier you get rolling on this part the better because there are generally only a few spots for presenters.


Securing one of these limited time slots gives you the opportunity to draw direct attention to your trade show display through the presentation itself as well as a mention in the program.  It also gets you several minutes to advertise clearly to the group that gathers, as well as attend to those that linger once your presentation is through.


Pick Your Trade Show Booth Space Early

The sooner you select the space for your trade show display the better off you’ll be.  There is definitely a correlation between the location of trade show booths and their success at the event.  Don’t let another exhibitor capitalize on this advantage.  Be sure to select the space for your exhibit as early as possible and make the advantage yours.


Order Unique Trade Show Booth Giveaways

There are a few different advantages to deciding early on in the process what type of trade show giveaways you’d like to incorporate into your display.  The earlier you order the more options you’ll have for the giveaway items themselves, and, you won’t have to rush the order so you’ll pay less too.


Print Literature

Prepare any handouts, business cards, fliers, etc that you’ll want to have for your trade show display.  Engaging literature is an important piece of all successful trade show booths and must be taken care of several weeks prior to the show in order for it to be ready on time and of the highest quality.


Promote Your Trade Show Booth And The Show

The more people that attend the event the more potential you have to build your customer base.  In order to get the most attendees possible, be sure to send out fliers, postcards, emails, newsletters, blog posts and any other type of media promotions you can generate to draw attention to your trade show booths as well as the overall shows themselves.  Schedule your promotions to begin several weeks before the show and increase your efforts the closer you get to the event.


Marketing your business and products through trade shows can be an excellent opportunity in many situations.  Make the most of it by being prepared.  The more you plan pre-show the more successful all your trade show booths will be.



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