Product Feature: Brandcusi Tension Fabric Banner Stands

Award-Winning Series of Fabric Banner Stands Is Sure To Impress At Your Next Trade Show

Brandcusi Tension Fabric Banner StandsEvery now and then we like to use our blog to feature particular products that have captured our attention from either a design or a functionality perspective. Today’s featured product falls into both of those categories: the Brandcusi series of tension fabric banner stands.  These unique stands, which have won multiple industry design awards, represent perhaps the most significant evolution of the traditional banner stand design to-date.

Brandcusi Fabric Banner Stands take the general approach of tension fabric displays by featuring two distinct parts. First is the hardware, which is composed of lightweight but extremely strong aluminum tubing.  These aluminum tubes snap together to create an internal hardware “skeleton” over which the fabric graphic is stretched, enveloping the entirety of the hardware. The graphic, made of a knit-polyester, then zips closed at the top (and is hence called a “pillowcase graphic”) creating a seamless, double-sided graphic that “stands” out from all of the other standard banner stand options on the market.  Additionally, by making use of dye-sublimation print technology (which sets the ink into the fabric as opposed to laying it on top of the substrate as with vinyl or PVC), virtually any design can be achieved, regardless of complexity or number of colors.

The Brandcusi series of fabric banner stands also boasts the option of three different and distinct shapes: straight-top, angled-top, and curved-top, made possible by the previously mentioned internal aluminum hardware.  Additional add-ons are available as well, including plexiglass-based shelving, catalog/literature holders, and LED lighting.  To top everything off, the entire stand collapses down into a fraction of its fully set-up size and packs into a convenient molded, soft-sided carrying case (included with purchase).

We have noticed a vast difference in people’s reactions to the Brandcusi when compared to more traditional options, such as telescopic or retractable banner stands, but surprisingly enough these stands come in at a very comparable price point.  If you’re looking to make a major visual upgrade to your trade show booth without having to break the bank, we highly recommend that you check out our Brandcusi series of fabric banner stands.  Feel free to reach out to one of our helpful project coordinators via phone, email, or live chat today!

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