What a Trade Show Booth Can Do For Your Company

As with any marketing or public relations campaign, it is important to know what your Return on Investment will be on a trade show booth. While it’s difficult to find a solid answer, you can create a pretty good estimate. Your return on investment all depends on what your goal(s) are for your trade show booth. Companies have many reasons for attending a trade show. Before you start shopping for your trade show booth, you need to establish your goals.

10 Goals Your Trade Show Booth Can Accomplish Increase brand impressions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  FUSN-20x20-KT3-2T (1)

  1. Communicate your brand message
  2. Create sales leads
  3. Promote new product
  4. Build customer relations
  5. Find new employees
  6. Enter a new market
  7. Evaluate or intimidate competitors
  8. Answer investor or customer questions
  9. Attract new investors


A Trade show booth can accomplish all of these goals. However, it is best to tackle no more than three goals at one time. Any more than that and it will become very difficult to accomplish your trade show booth goals and measure your results. Remember to incorporate technology into your booth. Adding an iPad Display can make measuring your ROI much easier. With a Hybrid Banner iPad Display Stand you can use the banner stand to promote a random drawing by entering an email address on the iPad display. This is an easy way to generate leads, attract trade show attendees or accomplish any of your trade show booth goals listed above.

Make sure your trade show booth matches your brand. If your brand focuses on high-end supplies and services, be sure your trade show display communicates that. Chose a sleek, modern trade show booth like the one pictured above, Fusion 20′ x 20′ Tension Fabric Display Kit. However, this display can appear a little more closed off from the rest of the trade show exhibit. If your company focuses on friendly service, you might want to consider a booth that is a little more open and easy for attendees to access. The Fusion 20′ x 20′ Tension Fabric Display Kit 6 still gives you a high-end look without a closed off environment. Trade show attendees can come and go with ease were it it easy to find your trade show booth staff if they have any questions.


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