Tradeshow Displays – How to Utilize Displays to Benefit Your Company

What Tradeshow Displays Are Right For You?


When it comes to choosing the right trade show displays to use for your company, there are so many different ways to go – and ways to go wrong. Tradeshow displays need to cater to your specific company and its products, especially new and upcoming products that need to strike up the most attention and interest in them. What needs to be determined first is what the main product or idea is that will be featured at your specific trade show booth. Will this promotion need access to a digital television set or electronic product? Does it need a pop up display or a fabric background layout to expose the product to the potential customer? All of these questions need to be answered before implementing a design plan to ensure an efficient and successful designing process.

One thing to keep in mind while brainstorming tradeshow display layouts would be technology. In this day and age, technological advances are generally accessible to anyone; other companies will more than likely have the same (or even more) resources as your company does. Keep it in mind that while you don’t want your display to be too ‘flashy’ or technologically excessive, you do want it to be up to par with other companies that may have access to the latest ‘gadgets and gizmos’ as well. LCD screens, iPads, etc. are great ways to draw people towards your trade show booth because they are sucked in by the fancy technologies these machines can offer. Colorful screens can also add a vibrant touch to otherwise mediocre tradeshow displays.

Giveaways are another important aspect to the general trade show booth or display. Let’s all be honest, people love to receive free things. It’s human nature to want materialistic things that could benefit us without having to feel bad or having obligations afterwards. Trade show giveaways are a perfect way to really magnetize customers at a trade show; free things generally make people happy. Who doesn’t want a company magnet or an extra coozie to add to their collection? Be smart and innovative with what promotional giveaways you hand out and use it to your advantage. Slap a logo on here and there, but be sure to follow rules and guidelines.

This brings us to our final point; be sure to follow all of the necessary guidelines that pertain to tradeshow displays and booths. While we encourage you to be creative and unique with your next tradeshow displays’ design, be smart. There are rules to every game we play, and you do not want to ruin your advertising chances by breaking a simple one. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and it’s better to have a standardized trade show booth that fulfills requirements than one that blocks three companies behind you. They will not appreciate it, and neither will you if you are asked to take it down or relocate. Be unique, but be sure to always be mindful.


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