Avoiding a Trade Show Disaster: Tips & Tricks

Project: Avoid the Trade Show Disaster has begun!


From fallen trade show display exhibits to stolen display products, anything can and will happen if your team doesn’t prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Here’s some tips and tricks to avoid a trade show disaster:

  • Don’t arrive without the essentials to help the day go more smoothly and mend any bad occurrence that could disrupt the smoothness of your team’s day. This includes an array of items from contact solution, to mints, a stain remover, back-up technical equipment, and even a screwdriver/hammer set!
  • Always remember to clearly label all of your company’s trade show materials, both on the inside and outside since neighboring booths can mix-up the boxes and vital booth display materials can go missing on accident.
  • Be prepared with both a map of the trade show exhibit room. If one is not available, request a basic explanation from the management or explore beforehand. Knowing the exhibit area helps you use your utilities as easily and quickly as possible, whether you need to know exits in an emergency situation, or simply to use the bathroom facilities and purchase a bite for lunch with the least amount of inconvenienced time finding them. Also, it is good to have the numbers of the management, event security and any outside help you may need from the office to bring you any back-up materials possibly needed throughout the day.
  • Don’t be lack-luster in your trade show display‘s “wow-factor.” Competition is constantly upping their ante in the field of trade shows. Your team better be prepared with eye-catching trade show exhibit displays with clear, informative text and subsequent take-home materials for your visitors – from custom giveaway products with your company’s logo and contact information to brochures with more details that time did not permit to elaborate on at the event. Also be SURE to proofread all of your written materials, including the signage. It does happen and your audience will notice turning your lead generation opportunity into a trade show disaster.
  • Have you and your team arrive at the trade show event an hour earlier than you think you need. Even better, set-up the night before. Too many times, set-up has a time-consuming problem and the staff are scrambling against the clock to fix the problem, such as a display that is being stubborn to put together. To easily avoid this trade show disaster, consider purchasing the life-time warrantied pop up displays.
  • Quadruple check that all of your travel arrangements and materials needed are good-to-go, as well as that your staff is well-informed on where they need to be when, and in what attire. Additionally, have your staff readied, both well-knowledgable about the company in and out, as well as well-prepared and practiced with their planned greetings and sales pitches.

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