Using Smaller Trade Show Displays for a Big Impact

If you’re a small business owner and want to attend a trade show, sometimes there just isn’t enough room in the marketing budget for big spending on Truss displays or 20′ x 20′ Tension Fabric trade show displays. While these trade show booths may seem like the only option for creating a big impact, some smaller trade show displays can create a great impression on attendees when used properly. In this blog, you’ll see how to make the most out of your trade show budget by using cost effective displays to attract more trade show traffic to your booth and develop more leads and professional networks.

truss trade show displaysIf you’re shopping on the APG website looking at truss displays or big 20′ x 20′ tension fabric displays, it it easy to become discouraged. The prices on some of these large displays are simply outside the budget of a small business. However, these display are not the only way you can debut your brand at a trade show. You can create many of the same looks as these displays using a fraction of the costs. Here are a few examples:

Budget Friendly Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays: Formulate WV1 - 20' Curved Fabric Trade Show Display [Complete]Trade Show Displays: Formulate Add-Ons - Multi-Shelf LadderTrade Show Displays: Formulate Add-Ons - Monitor Mount with Table

Let’s start with the Formulate trade show displays found on the APG website. These sleek displays are perfect for large branding space and sharp graphics. They are also customizable. You can find monitor mount and shelving add-ons online. With these accessories you have the same multimedia and shelving displays as the truss display pictured above!Trade Show Displays: OneFabric 4x3 Curved Pop Up Display w. Counter

These displays may still put you over budget. If that’s the case, lets look at a few small, key trade show displays your can use to boost your brand image.


Consider the OneFabric 4×3 trade show displays on These are affordable and attractive. The kit, shown on the right also includes a hard travel case that can double as a counter or podium. The included lights make sure the spot light is on your brand. However, if you still have room left in your budget, including a multimedia display will be the next step.

Trade Show Displays: Countertop and Wall-Mount iPad Display StandOur top selling multimedia displays have been so popular we gave them their own section on the APG website: iPad Displays and Kiosks. Here we have a variety of trade show displays, from tabletop iPad displays to banner stand hybrids and monitor kiosks. Choosing the right media display for you will depend on your budget and current supplies. For a mere $135 you can add a tabletop/wall mounted iPad display. Trade Show Displays: Hybrid Frame iPad Display StandFor a little more, you can increase your branding space and impressions with a Hybrid Banner iPad Display. Attendees will love to interact with the iPad and they will be drawn in with your banner display. These high tech supplies will have attendees associating your brand with modern, quality products/services.

Trade Show Displays: Linear Trade Show Kiosk 2 [Complete]If your company has a flat screen that you can take to the trade show, check out the kiosks section of These come in a variety of sizes and shapes to add a unique look to your trade show displays. You can have shelving as well to display products or give your booth staff and attendees a place to write down information.


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