Finding a Trade Show Booth to Fit Your Needs has a wide variety of trade show booths available. To someone new to the trade show industry it can be difficult to understand the differences in each booth, other than sizes. However, there are a few basic things every trade show professional needs to look at before purchasing: hardware, fabric, production time and set up. I’ll review these things that make each trade show booth a little different from others. Each of these features are great for accomplishing different goals.

Trade Show Booth Fabric

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First, lets talk about the fabric used on each trade show booth. Many displays on the APG website have two or more choices for fabric: Dye-Sub Fabric, PVC Panels or Vinyl. The biggest difference here is in how you store your fabrics and the color vibrancy on the fabric. Dye-sub fabrics tend to be a little more vibrant in their colors. They can be folded for storage and often times gently washed in a washing machine. Vinyl fabrics are much thicker and better to stand up against outdoor weather. PVC is very similar vinyl. It is a plastic type material that is durable and made in a variety of widths. If you’ve heard of PVC pipes, then you also know that this material is often used in construction. Needless to say, this is one of the more durable fabric options.

Production Time

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Each trade show booth on the APG website shows the average production time on the top right, near the price.It is important to check how long it takes to create a trade show booth before purchasing. Some booths can take a few weeks to produce, which may be more time than you have before your show.  It’s always important to plan ahead, but make sure you chose a trade show booth that can be produced with enough time to account for artwork mistakes or delayed shipping. These delays don’t happen often, but you definitely don’t want them to happen last minute when you don’t have time to correct the mistake.

Trade Show Booth Set Up

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Some trade show booths are easier to set up than others. The HopUp Display, pictured above, is one of the easiest and fastest back drops to set up on the APG website. This display takes only minutes to set up and is perfect if you only have one person to staff your trade show booth. However, Truss displays require a significant amount of time, tools and people to set up. The Truss displays are large and create a great trade show displays, but if you only have one person to set up the display, you should probably look for another option. Most displays have assembly instructions under the product images. Check out these instructions to help you understand how long it will take to set up your trade show booth.


The hardware your trade show booth is made out of will affect your shipping costs, set up times and booth durability. The heavier the hardware, the higher your shipping costs will be, however, you will also have a more durable display. This is something to consider if you plan to use your display multiple times in a year, for several years. A light weight display will cost you less in shipping but it will not last a s long as a heavy, metal display. You can find the details about the hardware under the product images.

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