Tips For Preparing Your Trade Show Booth For An Outdoor Event

Getting ready to take your trade show booth to some outside events?  When the weather is nice being outside can boost everyone’s mood and lead to a great ROI on your investment; but only if you’re prepared!


There are a few things you’ll need to consider in order to be sure your display is ready for the great outdoors.  Here are some tips that are specific to outdoor events to help get you started.


Use Only Outdoor Banners

Before you attend any outdoor event, be sure the banners and graphics used for your booth are safe to be hung outside.  There are some trade show exhibits that are only designed for indoors, and as such, aren’t made with the special products required for successful use outside.


Offer Outdoor Themed Giveaways

When planning for outdoor trade shows consider switching things up from what you use for giveaways indoors and instead, find a more outdoor themed giveaway.  Items like water bottles, or sun hats with your business name and logo printed on them for example can be very successful giveaways at an outdoor event.  They’re more likely to be used by attendees during the show too which will help further your publicity efforts for your booth and your brand.


Will Power Be Available For Your Trade Show Booth?

Don’t just assume you’ll have power to run your multimedia presentation or other electrical elements of your display during outdoor events like you would during an indoor one.  Sometimes it’s just not possible depending on the venue.  At other outside events power is readily available.  It’s worth finding out the specifics so you can prepare ahead of time and avoid inconvenient surprises when it’s too late to make changes.


Get Some Paperweights

Consider the theme of your trade show booth and create some unique paperweights in case the winds pick up.  This way you’re not scrambling while your handouts blow all over the venue.  Instead, you can add a nice touch to a windy day display and keep everything in place all with just a bit of pre-show planning.


What’s The Plan For Poor Weather?

While most trade show exhibits made for use outside can be fitted with protections in case of inclement weather, attendance is always down for outdoor events when it rains.  This is very different from indoor shows where the number of visitors will usually increase when the weather is poor.  Be sure to find out when you book your space what the show’s policy is for rain.  If they say the event will go on rain or shine that may be fine for you, or, it may not.  Either way, it’s a unique issue you must consider prior to booking any outdoor show in order to make the most of your investment.


There are other considerations that will be specific to each individual outdoor show you attend as well as each venue. Use these tips and prepare in advance to be sure you’ve got all your bases covered.  When you do, you’re trade show booth is guaranteed to be a success at any and every outdoor event you attend.





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