Trade Show Truss Displays: A Quantum Leap In Trade Show Displays

Make a jump to the ‘next level’ — look into trade show truss displays

Trade Show Truss Displays

Make no mistakes, there are most certainly ‘levels’ in the trade show booth scene, and there comes a time when a company will make that quantum leap at exhibitions to join the big guns and jump up from the likes of a fabric tension display system (which are awesome in their own right) up to the ‘top tier’ in trade show booths.

The saying ‘go big and go bold’ comes to mind when thinking of these display systems. They are like part of the building once they are set up and give you the most substantial backdrop for your brand presentation possible. The amazing thing is that though they represent a substantial investment the prices have come way down and you no longer have to be a multinational corporation to afford looking into whether trade show truss displays are a possibility for your next trade show.

Reasonable assembly!

The newest orbital truss designs assemble with no tools needed (though a custom tool is available that will make it a little bit easier). Each truss design varies wildly in complexity to the next one so it’s impossible to say exactly how long it will take, but the latest trade show truss displays are specifically designed with ease-of-assembly in mind. Most can be assembled with just a crew of two, and once that crew is experienced, the job of set-up an take-down should only amount to the likes of a ‘morning’ or ‘afternoon’ not a ‘day or two’ that similarly awe-inspiring metal-backbone type of custom displays used to take.

Preview is possible

In some cases, a virtual preview of your brand on the exact product you are interested in is possible. Some times at no initial cost. Even if some ‘design time’ is involved, it might be well spent money when making a decision of this magnitude. It never hurts to ask for a virtual preview with your own company branding on the product. See (literally) if your brand is ready for a new home—check out some trade show truss displays at APG Exhibits


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