3 Easy Steps to Maximize Your Trade Show Exhibit’s Area

Project: Optimize the Space of Your Trade Show Exhibit Area

Once you have purchased your dream trade show exhibit, the next task at hand is to maximize your exhibit‘s area for the maximum amount of trade show attendees to visit your booth. We have three tips to help you accomplish this:

Clear View Trade Show Exhibit

1. It’s all about having the clear view.

Trade show spaces are almost always cramped for all of your company’s display, tables, banners, samples AND staff. I’m reminded of college dorms on move-in day. This we understand, and have come up with the solution as your mom might have told you as she kissed you goodbye: Organize! Easier said than done, we know, but it’s all about knowing where to place your set-up materials.

We recommend that you have your display set up in the very back (and if it is a semi-circle style, starting in the back at the center point and wrapping its two wings around either side).

Do not put a barrier, such as a table, between your staff and the potential visitors if you can avoid it. Instead, have the table either a bit deeper inside of the trade show exhibit, still within sight from the path in front of the booth where the attendees pass. Another option to create a clear view would be setting the table off to either side. It is an especially a good idea to have the table angled and facing toward the direction of oncoming traffic (walking on the visitor path) in front of your booth space. Finally, make sure that your display samples are clearly in sight to catch the passerby’s eye, but not blocking any of the vital display signs.

Trade Show Booth Staff

2. Approachable staff are the next must.

The key to making this possible is to having your staff as accessible as possible for the passing tradeshow attendees to stop and talk to. The best way to accomplish this is have your staff at the front of the trade show exhibit area ready to chat, as opposed to hidden in the exhibit cave, waiting for visitors to come to them (much less likely).

Have your team ready with big smiles and welcoming stances (no arms crossed, slouching or other closed off body language). People like simple, quick and comfortable encounters. Therefore have your team standing in the the front area of the exhibit, readily accessible with a friendly energy.

Optimized Trade Show Exhibit

3. Make your exhibit cozy!

When walking through the trade show, the more comfy and cozy the exhibit, the better. Especially when the trade show attendees are just getting started walking through with a bit of angst to start approaching booth staff, or after a long, tiring day, an exhibit that feels comfortable to spend time in is just what they need.

A great addition to your already professional exhibit is to have a rug. Be sure to use a color that coordinates with the trade show exhibit and the rug will really enhance your booth for a true cozy feel (the shaggier the better– without getting excessive of course).

Another way to give the exhibit a touch of home is to have aromatic baked goods and coffee to draw them in. Have the treats waiting for the visitors deeper inside the exhibit as this helps make them walk around, see your materials a bit and your staff to spark a chat with them about your products instead of them snagging free goodies at the front and moving on to the next giveaway.


Follow these three easy steps and your trade show exhibit is on its way to a crowd full of customers at the next trade show. Happy exhibitions!

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