5 Reasons To Include Pop Up Display Stands In Trade Show Booths

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With our experience in trade show booths and marketing we obviously have some products we’re really excited about.  One of these is pop up display stands.  There are quite a few advantages to using these unique products in trade show booths; here are just 5 of them!

Pop Up Display Stands Make Trade Show Exhibits Easy To Set Up And Take Down


One of the most common desires of exhibitors is that their trade show displays are easy to set up and take down. Pop up displays offer exactly this.  Straight forward instructions, and a fast set up /take down process make pop up display stands a nice, easy to use addition to trade show booths of all kinds.

They Can Accommodate Dynamic Graphics In A Small Space


With their traditionally large canvas space even the smallest style of pop up display offers a way to convey a dynamic message in a compact space.  This can be a nice feature since most shows base booth fees on the size of the area required for each trade show display.

There Are A Variety of Options Of Pop Up Display Stands Available


Pop Up Displays can take many shapes including curved, serpentine, tower, and more.  Most styles of pop up displays can be found in a variety of sizes too from table top to, well, as large as you need.  This allows them to offer a unique set of options that will enable most trade show booths to incorporate this style of display stands in their design.

They Make Trade Show Booths Easier To Transport

Unlike some other styles of banner stands, even large pop up displays can become quite compact when taken apart.  This makes them easier to transport and often, any shipping charges you may have will be less as a result.

Pop Up Display Stands Make Trade Show Booths Look Professional For Less

When marketing budgets are tight definitely consider pop up displays.  A creative banner on a pop up display stand can give trade show booths a very professional feel without having to spend extra on accessories.

Pop up display stands have a lot of other features to offer trade show exhibits as well.  You can learn more about them as well as all the other trade show products you might need to make your next show a success at APGTradeShowDisplays.com.  We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have and enjoy providing the lowest pricing and best service in the industry!


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