What To Look For In Team Members Representing Your Trade Show Booths

A huge part of creating successful trade show booths is being able to find team members who can represent your brand during the exhibit.  Even if you attend all of the shows yourself you’ll increase the number of attendees you’ll be able to reach with each individual you have along with you working the floor. Plus, setting up and taking down your trade show display is a big job in and of itself.  You’ll need an extra pair of hands or two for this job alone.

Each person you hire does eat into your budget of course, but, you really shouldn’t go it alone.  No more than 3 or 4 people total are usually necessary for most types of exhibits, and, to help you find the right ones –

Here are a few things to consider when interviewing potential representatives for your trade show booths.

Do They Visually Represent Your Brand?

Whether we want to admit it or not, the visual image of those representing your trade show booth really does matter.  You can develop uniforms and other ways to transform everyone into a team but, in the end some people will just naturally portray an image that will be right for your brand while others won’t.


How Are Their  Sales Skills?

Folks at trade shows expect some level of sales pitch in a way but, its much more fun for them when that’s not all they get.  Hire people that can fly under the radar and spread your message without the visitors they speak with feeling pitched to.


Can They Engage People?

While some level of sales skills can be helpful that’s not really what a trade show is about as we said.  People skills are much more important when looking at the complete picture of the right trade show display representative.  Those prospective candidates that can  easily engage with people should definitely be moved to the top of the list!


Are They Good Presenters?

Trade show presentations can be a great way to gain exposure for your trade show booth and if you do choose to present at the show, you’ll need help.  But, even if you don’t decide to take that opportunity, presentation skills are also essential for those that staff your display since each time they visit with an attendee the representative will also need to be able to give a sort of mini presentation in order to briefly describe the goals of the display to visitors.


Have They Managed Trade Show Booths Before?

Previous experience running trade show booths can be a plus here but, it really depends.  They could have learned some ‘bad habits’ too that you don’t want to utilize while a less experienced person may be more malleable to the strategies you’d like to use at your exhibit.


Most Of All – Can They Help You Meet Your Goals?

In the end, each trade show booth is different and as such, the full list of skills required to represent each unique display will be different.  What makes up a successful trade show display rep depends truly on what the overall goals and objectives you’re hoping to meet by attending the show are in the first place.


Choosing the right trade show booth staff is essential for maximizing the ROI for each trade show your company attends.   Find the right people today with these tips and you’ll all be able to work together to make each and every trade show you attend a success.


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