APG Exhibits Teams up with Gear Focus Photo/Video Marketplace for Exhibiting Needs

APG Exhibits Teams Up with Gear Focus Marketplace

APG Exhibits is very excited to announce they have teamed up with a fantastic new company named Gear Focus. Gear Focus is an online marketplace for buying and selling both new and used camera equipment. Their #1 goal is to help photographers and videographers save time and money when buying and selling camera gear. Gear Focus was developed by creatives for creatives. Gear Focus is dedicated to bringing the widest variety of camera gear to an online marketplace. They are scheduled for launch next month, Sept. 2019 and are already laying out Gear Focus’ trade show marketing plans for the next year.

APG Exhibits Works to Bring the Necessary Display Solutions

APG Exhibits has developed a strategic exhibit design approach for their booths and in-studio signage. The plan is to establish their brand as a leader from day one. With over 30 years experience in trade show displays and consulting, APG will ensure Gear Focus stays within their start-up budget! Gear Focus will be able to achieve the look and professionalism of more established brands also exhibiting at these shows. Some of the shows on their radar so far are Imaging USAPhotoPlusCES (Eureka Park), and Shutter Fest.

Here are some examples of the concepts behind their booths. These concepts are based on specific show needs, booth sizes, locations, and other detailed metrics for increased exposure. These are not final designs as we can’t share those until the unveiling at each show. However, this gives you an idea of the process that goes into trade show consulting and custom exhibit creation.

The First Step – Establish the Goal with Design & Budget in Mind

The main goal for Gear Focus is to establish brand recognition by presenting their branding along side more established brands. Some top brands such as Sony, Canon, and Nikon will also be exhibiting at these shows. The tricky part is to do this while staying within their start-up budget. This is something many new companies try to accomplish, often with little success.

APG Exhibits chose Hybrid Pro Displays, which were designed by the manufacturer to give a custom fabricated look, all with an off-the-shelf budget. All too often, customers submit custom exhibit requests only to find the costs are beyond their budget. We have numerous approaches to custom exhibits; Hybrid Pro Displays are just one of them. You can also use off-the-shelf displays to give a custom look within budget. The Hybrid Pro displays allow you to convert a large 20×20 display into a 10×10 or 10×20 booth. Convert by re-using most if not all of the existing graphics, which saves even more time and money down the road!

Gear Focus 10×10 Booth Design – Initial Concept

10×10 booths can be challenging to custom develop when trying to maintain an open and inviting space. Often, companies will use a standard popup display backwall with a counter, a table cloth, and a TV stand to incorporate media, and then products displayed. This popup display approach often overcrowds the space leaving it very uninviting to attendees and potential customers. The Hybrid Pro Kits are very streamlined with features like media integration and shelving. Adding additional elements helps bring the design to the next level.

We’ve incorporated universal iPad stands that Gear Focus can use to allow attendees to visit their website. This way they can sign-up right there at the show! Attendees can create an account and get help setting up their online marketplace. Gear Focus plans to use additional iPad kiosks for attendee mailing list sign-ups and contests for camera gear giveaways. In fact, if you’re in the market for a new camera, check out their current camera giveaway and future ones on their website!

Gear Focus 10x10 Exhibit Booth

Gear Focus 10x10 Exhibit Booth View 2Gear Focus 10×20 Booth Design – Initial Concept

When designing the 10×20, we stayed with the same overall look but with a much more open design. The reason behind this is that Gear Focus plans to have a “street team” style approach to their marketing. Approximately 5-10 staff members will be there with mobile devices such as iPads to show attendees the website. The will also be able to take sign-ups right there at the show. They will remain mobile so they can walk out in front of the booth to grab attendees attention. They also plan to have photographers and videographers demonstrating gear, shooting pictures, and recording interviews. This will be a valuable tool for their initial feedback about Gear Focus. All other elements are still in discussion and we can only share so much of their plans before the show.

Gear Focus 10x20 Exhibit Booth

Gear Focus 10x20 Exhibit Booth View 2Gear Focus 10x20 Exhibit Booth View 2Gear Focus 20×20 Booth Design – Initial Concept

And finally the 20×20 booth design concept. The idea behind this design is to, once again, keep the branding and look consistent with their smaller booths. The increase in size will be for incorporating additional media and shelves for giveaways like t-shirts. The design still has an open feel. The branding stands out throughout the show floor with the large circular floating banner.  We’ve also added additional iPad kiosks to allow more attendees to interact with their website, along with additional shelves for giveaways and camera gear.

Gear Focus 20x20 Exhibit Booth View 2

Gear Focus 20x20 Exhibit Booth

You can see the cost effectiveness of all three booth designs. All accomplished with the goal of giving their new brand the professional appearance of a much more expensive custom-fabricated exhibit. Stay tuned for updates on their booth designs and make sure to visit them at one of their upcoming shows! And of course, make sure to visit their website for additional info or to start buying and selling your new and used camera gear.

Does your company need help creating multiple booth sizes or a single custom-looking booth? If so, check out our premium trade show display section on our website or contact us today for a free consultation.

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