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With the rapid influx of work from home orders, more and more people are using Zoom and other video chat software to telework. And Zoom allows users to insert custom backdrops via their video conferencing software. However, for best results Zoom advises users to use a Zoom green screen.

Zoom Green Screen

A green screen is simply a green colored fabric that is used to digitally replace a background with a video or image. (Think weather forecasters.) Many people have been using Zoom green screens to replace the background of their online conferences. Though the technology isn’t new, many other online video call platforms such as Skype, GoToMeeting, Join.Me, etc. do not offer this feature. With more people working from home due to Coronavirus, these backdrops have exploded in popularity.

3ft x 7ft: $124.994ft x 7ft: $169.99

For Best Results

Zoom advises that for best results, users should use a physical green screen. Some users may be able to utilize this feature without a physical green screen. However Zoom says it is easier and works better to use one. Be sure to properly light yourself and your Zoom green screen. Also be sure to wear contrasting colors. You don’t want to wear a similar color to your green screen. Black clothing works best as a way to separate you from the background. It is also better to wear tighter fitting clothing and avoid flowy clothing and tassles.

You are able to select the color of your background if for some reason the Zoom software isn’t registering the green screen. Sometimes a simple touch of the color selection to a different shade of green can make all the difference. Our Zoom green screens are printed with the pantone PMS 354 C for a perfect chroma green that can easily be keyed out.

Other Uses for a Zoom Green Screen

Of course, these green screens aren’t simply for use with Zoom or other teleconference software. These can be used in other video production applications as well. For example, meteorologists that are practicing safe social distancing and working from home can use a Zoom green screen from the comfort of their own home! They can report the weather and have their background digitally keyed out to reveal weather maps.

Other video production applications can also use green screens for digital effects. Small budget video productions can pick up a Zoom green screen and use it for any of their traditional green screen needs. The options are truly limitless when using green screen technology. People are finding more and more creative ways of using green screen technology now that they are quarantined due to COVID-19.

Full Selection of Green Screens

APG Exhibits is offering a full selection of sizes of Zoom green screen backdrops. No matter the size of the space, we’ve got you covered. And if you need a size not listed, simply contact us and we can get you pricing for a custom-sized green screen backdrop. Video backdrops are becoming increasingly popular and necessary in today’s uncertain climate. We’ve been seeing a huge spike in demand for digital and physical video conferencing backdrop signage. Shop now on APG for all your signage needs.

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